8 Stars You Won’t Believe Have Oscars — Best Life

Eminem in 2015

While it may come as a shock that big names like Glenn Close, Ian McKellen, and Angela Bassett have never brought home an Oscar, even more surprising are some of the stars who do have […]

The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

Austin, Texas —  For every problem you can think of, someone is out there pitching a solution that involves artificial intelligence. AI could help solve such intractable problems as climate change and dangerous work conditions, the […]

David Arnold Talks Composing for the Iconic James Bond Film Franchise

“You hear two things in the womb, you hear [the baby’s] heartbeat, and you hear the James Bond theme.” David Arnold, composer of five James Bond films, jests to a crowd of 24 sitting in […]

Freida Pinto: ‘I was a sweaty, dancing Teletubby’ | Freida Pinto

Freida Pinto with Sope Dirisu in Mr. Malcolm’s List

In your latest film, Mr Malcolm’s List, you are cast with no regard to skin colour or race, as was your Slumdog ex, Dev Patel, in The Personal History of David Copperfield. Colour-blind casting is […]

‘I think I can improve greatly’: James Corden on inadequacy, nerves and his return to TV acting | Television

Jez Butterworth and James Corden on the set of Mammals.

Even before James Corden and Jez Butterworth made Mammals, their suspenseful six-part comedy-drama series, the actor and the playwright already had a lot in common. Both have won a Tony award, and recognition from the […]

‘Black Adam’ movie: DC hero and Justice Society, explained

a man wearing gold bird-inspired costume with a beaked helmet and wings

Smashing a place for himself (and his throne) in the increasingly crowded comic book superhero movie space this week is Black Adam. Starring box office juggernaut Dwayne Johnson, “Black Adam,” opening Friday, is the titular […]

Kristen Stewart Reacts To People Walking Out Of Screenings For Her New Film

Kristen Stewart defended the controversial scenes in “Crimes of the Future,” directed by David Cronenberg.

Kristen Stewart is speaking out after critics walked out of a press screening of her latest film during the Cannes Film Festival last week. Stewart’s upcoming film “Crimes of the Future,” directed by David Cronenberg, […]

Land Rover Reveals Special James Bond 007 Defender Made For Racing

Land Rover Reveals Special James Bond 007 Defender Rally Special That's Going To Actually Be Raced

Land Rover To celebrate 60 years of the James Bond films, Land Rover tricked out this Defender 90 The SUV will be raced by Bond stunt driver Mark Higgins and co-driver Claire Williams in the […]

Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell On ‘No Time To Die’, Surprise L.A. Gigs [Podcast] – Deadline

Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell On ‘No Time To Die’, Surprise L.A. Gigs [Podcast] – Deadline

When a producer like Barbara Broccoli flies to your concert and hands you 23 pages from the next James Bond script, you could say you’ve landed the job of writing the pic’s theme song. However, […]

“Let’s Not Forget That He’s Actually A Misogynist”

Daniel Craig Once Made It Clear That He Is Now Fond Of James Bond’s Certain Qualities

Shared from www.koimoi.com. Daniel Craig Once Criticized James Bond For Being A ‘Misogynist’(Pic Credit: Movie Still) Daniel Craig is one of the most-loved actors of Hollywood who has garnered a huge fan base over the […]

The Worst James Bond Movies of All Time, Critics Say — Best Life

screenshot from live and let die

Shared from bestlifeonline.com Whether you prefer your martinis shaken or stirred—and your 007s Connery or Craig—there’s a good chance you have a favorite James Bond movie. Even the most casual viewer of the long-running spy […]