Noughties teen star unrecognisable 20 years after hit movie with Hilary Duff and landing part on huge US TV show

Dan was a friend to Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story

NOUGHTIES actor Dan Byrd is almost completely unrecognisable in his new role – preaching to the choir (literally) in Young Sheldon. The actor first shot to fame in the early 2000s, appearing alongside Hilary Duff […]

Will Smith crashes Coachella 2024 for ‘Men in Black’ set with J Balvin

Will Smith crashes Coachella 2024 for 'Men in Black' set with J Balvin

He’s back in “Black.” Will Smith arrived at Coachella for a surprise performance dressed in a suit and sunglasses — like his famous “Men in Black” character, Agent J — as aliens danced around him.  The […]

Will Smith Gives Surprise Coachella Performance in J Balvin Set


Will Smith suited up and pulled out all the stops for a throwback performance at Coachella that blew the minds of 90s kids everywhere. On Sunday, April 14, the 55-year-old actor and hip-hop icon took […]

Ryan Gosling Replaces Jimmy Fallon As King of ‘SNL’ Crack-Ups

Ryan Gosling Replaces Jimmy Fallon As King of ‘SNL’ Crack-Ups

On Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary show, Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler did a musical tribute to laughing during comedy sketches. “That’s When You Break” conceded that virtually every cast member (well, maybe not Phil Hartman) lost […]

‘SNL’ recap: Ryan Gosling can’t stop cracking up as host

'SNL' recap: Ryan Gosling can't stop cracking up as host

Ryan Gosling’s third go-round as guest host of “Saturday Night Live” should have been a victory-lap party after a year’s worth of goodwill that started with his well-received “Barbie” performances, peaking with his “I’m Just […]

7 Things a Successful TEEN TITANS Film Adaptation Needs

The core roster of the Teen Titans over the past forty years.

Recently, DC Comics fans were overjoyed to find out that the Teen Titans would be coming to the big screen in James Gunn’s new DCU. The property has had a long history in non-comics media, most […]

Kanye West offers new 7 Wonders of the World sites $6m per gig to play there but his ‘insane’ plan is rejected

Sources have told The U.S. Sun Kanye wanted to play a gig at the Great Wall of China

KANYE West made yet another wild bid to stage a live show – and was given exactly the same answer. The U.S. Sun has already reported that the controversial rapper’s recent attempts to organize concerts […]

Ice Spice Can’t Handle the Spice, Taps Out on Hot Ones, Reveals Origin of ‘Stop Playin’ with ‘Em, Riot’ Tag

Ice Spice Can't Handle the Spice, Taps Out on Hot Ones, Reveals Origin of 'Stop Playin' with 'Em, Riot' Tag

Rapper Ice Spice teases her upcoming album, reps for the Bronx, teaches ‘Hot Ones’ host Sean Evans some of her slang, and then burns out before the end of the challenge — see which sauce […]