KNOCKED LOOSE Announces New Album ‘You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To’

KNOCKED LOOSE Announces New Album 'You Won't Go Before You're Supposed To'

Louisville, Kentucky’s KNOCKED LOOSE, which plays a blend of hardcore and metalcore music, will release a new album, “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To”, on May 10 via Pure Noise Records. On “You Won’t […]

I have stretch marks, cellulite and a belly – I won’t stop showing off my real mum bod, men get praised for it

Influencer Sarah has shared a heartfelt post about her bikini body

WATCHING your body change during pregnancy can be hard for many new mums – especially with the pressure to snap back into shape just after giving birth. One mum has emphasised the importance of self-love […]

I’m in my 60s & trolls say I can’t wear sexy, strappy dresses – but I look incredible and won’t stop showing off my body

Influencer Fiona Lambert is encouraging women to stay active for longer

WE all have that one dress in the back of our wardrobes that we keep hoping that one day we will feel confident enough to wear it. One age-defying influencer has proven that you shouldn’t […]

I earn £208k, have endless tweakments and buy designer gear for my 2-year-old – but I won’t give up council house

Whitney vowed to give the haters something to talk about - pictured with her daughter Cora

UPLOADING her latest makeup tutorial onto TikTok and Facebook, mum-of-three Whitney Ainscough, 30, pouts and applies gloss to her filler-enhanced lips. Within half-an-hour, the video has amassed 10k views and climbing. 2 Whitney vowed to […]

Kanye West reveals Super Bowl commercial featuring NSFW content – but fans claim ad ‘won’t be aired’ during game

Kanye West revealed that he will have a commercial during the Super Bowl

KANYE West has revealed that he will have an ad during the Super Bowl. The biggest sports game in the United States will air on Sunday, February 11. 5 Kanye West revealed that he will […]

49ers’ Ray-Ray McCloud Won’t Try To Meet Taylor Swift At SB, ‘This Is Football’

49ers' Ray-Ray McCloud Won't Try To Meet Taylor Swift At SB, 'This Is Football'

Play video content Even though 49ers wideout Ray-Ray McCloud has deep roots in the music industry, he won’t try to rub elbows with Taylor Swift at the Super Bowl … telling TMZ Sports, “This […]

People think I’m a normal ‘pretty girl’ until I wear vests, then I’m called gross & smelly…I won’t start showering daily

A woman has revealed that trolls call her will assume she smells and will make nasty comments about her body hair, but she won't let them get her down

A YOUNG woman has revealed that she doesn’t shower every day and definitely won’t shave, because she believes it to be a ‘waste of time’.  The influencer, who posts online under the name ‘Hairy Cherry’, […]

I’m a 63-year-old style queen who loves crop tops, hot pants and knee-high boots – and I won’t stop wearing what I want

Content creator Katharine has refused to give her favourite fashions as she ages

AGEING can often be seen as a negative thing, with many women feeling like they need to cover up or even give up trying all together. One 63-year-old has shared her passion for fashion though, […]

Emily Blunt apologises to Cillian Murphy for brutal Oppenheimer scene viewers won’t see & says she ‘almost killed him’

Emily Blunt has scored her first Oscar nomination for Oppenheimer

HER amazing performance in Oppenheimer may have led to an Oscar nomination for Emily Blunt – but it is a brutal scene viewers will never see which today leads her to apologise to co-star Cillian […]

I’m a gypsy & trolls are nasty to me for no reason – people even make comments about my six-year-old, but I won’t listen

A gypsy girl has revealed that trolls are mean to her, but for no reason at all

A GYPSY girl has revealed that keyboard warriors are incredibly nasty to her, but for absolutely no reason at all. Posting online, Suzy, who is known on social media as ‘Cusin Suzy’, explained that she […]