The True Story Behind The Iconic Movie

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger Filming The Terminator (1984)

James Cameron‘s breakthrough movie, The Terminator, is a trailblazing masterpiece in the sci-fi genre. Released in 1984, the film centers on a relentless cyborg assassin known as the Terminator, which is sent back in time […]

Where You Know The Cast From

Jonah Hill in You People (2023)

Kenya Barris, the creator of the ABC sitcom Black-ish, directs the 2023 romantic comedy You People. With a screenplay written by Barris and Jonah Hill, You People explores themes of generational differences, culture clashes, and […]

Folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie’s Indigenous roots questioned

Folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie's Indigenous roots questioned

Oscar-winning folk singer Buffy Sainte-Marie has long been viewed as a barrier-breaking, Indigenous icon — but a recent news investigation has raised doubts over her Indigenous roots. A Canadian Broadcast Corporation feature on the singer-songwriter […]

Emperor’s new clothes: why the French are ready to embrace Napoleon again | Napoleon Bonaparte

Joaquin Phoenix, Ridley Scott and Vanessa Kirby attend the UK premiere of Napoleon.

A Hollywood war epic about the world’s most famous Frenchman – directed by an Englishman – was bound to contain its share of historical inaccuracies. So Ridley Scott’s big-budget battle extravaganza, Napoleon, which opens worldwide […]

‘Spanish-dominated’ Latin Grammys’ move to Seville provokes controversy | Spain

Rosalia poses with four of the eight Latin Grammy awards she won in 2022.

Hordes of fans wait anxiously along fenced barriers clutching their phones, itching to catch a shot of some of the world’s most famous musicians. Some scream in excitement as cars with blacked-out windows roll up […]

Nintendo Announces Live-Action LEGEND OF ZELDA Movie in Development

Link looks to the left in a screenshot from Tears of the Kingdom

Shock of shocks! Hot on the heels of The Super Mario Bros. Movie making—conservatively speaking—a s**t-zillion dollars earlier this year, it seemed only reasonable for Nintendo to keep that ball a-rolling. However, while an animated […]