The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

Austin, Texas —  For every problem you can think of, someone is out there pitching a solution that involves artificial intelligence. AI could help solve such intractable problems as climate change and dangerous work conditions, the […]

Pythagoras Music Fund Buys the Rights to Frank Sinatra Classics

frank sinatra

Frank Sinatra recording circa 1955. The Netherlands’ Pythagoras Music Fund has officially announced the acquisition of Barton Music’s publishing catalog, which includes the rights to songs popularized by Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Nat […]

Worst Best Picture nominees in Oscar history

Worst Best Picture nominees in Oscar history

Stacker gathered all movies nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars and ranked the lowest 25 in the group by IMDb user rating, with #1 being the “worst.” – Silver Screen Collection // Getty Images Jacob […]

What does religion have to say about artificial intelligence?


Sometimes Rabbi Joshua Franklin knows exactly what he wants to talk about in his weekly Shabbat sermons — other times, not so much. It was on one of those not-so-much days on a cold afternoon […]

‘Friends’ Star Maggie Wheeler Reveals Chandler & Janice’s Hypothetical Honeymoon Plans If They Had Got Married & It’s Notoriously High Maintenance

'Friends' Star Maggie Wheeler Reveals Her Hypothetical Honeymoon Plans With Chandler

‘Friends’ Star Maggie Wheeler Talks About An Ideal Date With Chandler ( Photo Credit – Episode Still ) ‘Friends’ fans around the world have always admired its characters and wanted to know more about its […]

Doom Flamingo Release Debut LP ‘Peaches & Bobbi’ On Jam Cruise 19

Doom Flamingo Release Debut LP 'Peaches & Bobbi' On Jam Cruise 19

Photo by Wild Muse Media Doom Flamingo have released their debut full-length album, Peaches & Bobbi, via their own imprint, Records Are Doomed. The offering showcases the sextet’s blend of amorphous dark retro wave grooves, […]

‘Friends’ Actor Maggie Wheeler Says Matthew Perry’s Memoir Was ‘Sad’ To Read

Wheeler said Perry participated in filming "100 percent, even when he was struggling."

Matthew Perry’s deeply personal memoir continues to astound readers — particularly his former colleagues. “Friends” star Maggie Wheeler, who appeared in all 10 seasons of the hit NBC show as Perry’s nasally-voiced lover Janice, told […]

Dakota Johnson’s Head-To-Toe Denim Red Carpet Look Is Everything

Luca Guadagnino (L) dressed in all-black and Dakota Johnson in all-denim outfit

Dakota Johnson recently stepped out onto the red carpet in an ensemble that goes against all the rules of fashion. In fact, we’re reevaluating our fashion sense after seeing Jonhson’s chic look. On January 19, […]

Michael Bublé returns to top of albums chart with festive staple Christmas – Music News

Michael Bublé returns to top of albums chart with festive staple Christmas - Music News

Michael Bublé sees see his yuletide staple Christmas return to the Number 1 spot this week. The album, which includes Top 40 tracks It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (7) and Holly Jolly […]

Wham! see out 2022 with Last Christmas back at Number 1 – Music News

Wham! see out 2022 with Last Christmas back at Number 1 - Music News

Wham! have returned to Number 1 in the UK for the second time this year with Last Christmas. Despite missing out on last week’s coveted Official Christmas Number 1 single to LadBaby’s Food Aid, Andrew […]

Who really wrote the Christmas staple ‘Jingle Bell Rock?’

An early rock 'n' roll singer in a suit festooned with musical notes

Bobby Helms couldn’t have asked for a better first year in the music business. Blessed with a soft nasal twang that bore a resemblance to Webb Pierce, one of the reigning kings of country music […]

Friends’ Going “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche” During The ‘One Where Everybody Finds Out’ Is The Most Apt Thing You’d See On The Internet Today!

Friends' Going "Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar Ke Charche" During The 'One Where Everybody Finds Out', An Apt Crossover That Was Needed!

Friends X Bollywood Retro An Apt Crossover, A Viral Video Treat For Everyone!(Pic Credit: Poster, Song Still) What is your favourite sitcom? For me, it’s Friends. Whenever I have been sad or happy, depressed or […]

David Bowie: Divine Symmetry review – Hunky Dory box set shows an artist’s ch-ch-ch-ch-changes | David Bowie

David Bowie: Divine Symmetry artwork

We tend to think of 1971’s Hunky Dory as the moment David Bowie finally snapped into focus after years of dead ends and false starts. It opens with a song often seen as his mission […]

Too Soon? Portland’s K103 Flips to 24/7 Christmas Music

K103 Portland Christmas Music too soon

Photo Credit: iHeartMedia Portland How early is too early for some holiday cheer? iHeartMedia Portland’s K103 is already playing 24/7 Christmas tunes starting November 10. iHeartMedia Portland announced that K103 is again Portland’s Christmas Station, […]

Chinese animation is booming — but don’t confuse it with anime

A young person wearing a white robe puts their hand on a dragon’s head while standing over it in a drawn image from Nezha Conquers the Dragon King.

In 2021, Funimation viewers got what might have been their first introduction to donghua when the anime streaming service added the series Heaven Official’s Blessing to its roster. But the service mistakenly listed the language […]