Girls Aloud are back – and pop will be better and weirder for it | Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud celebrate their first ever number one.

It came late last week; the news every pop fan worth their salt had been waiting for. The news every pop fan who recognises that Biology is one of the greatest bangers of the 21st […]

‘Putting a number on art’: musicians nervous as Spotify announces royalty changes | Music streaming

Daniel Ek, co-founder and chief executive officer of Spotify.

Spotify has confirmed there will be long-rumoured changes to their royalty payments from early 2024, which include a controversial policy requiring tracks to get a minimum of 1,000 listens every year to receive royalties. Certain […]

DJ Skype Williams Challenges Usher to a Gay Club Dance Battle

skype williams

This is SOUND ADVICE, a weekly destination for playlists curated by Interview’s friends, enemies, and lovers. Over the past few weeks, we’ve gathered playlists from Naomi Sharon, Sasha Colby, and horsegiirL. This week’s installment comes courtesy of DJ […]

André 3000 on his surprise flute album: ‘It’s pure excitement – like a child seeing bubbles for the first time’ | Outkast

André 3000 holding a rose behind his back and posing for the camera

For the past four years, André 3000 sightings have practically become a thing of folklore. The circumstances tend to fit a pattern: someone stealthily films the Outkast legend playing a wooden double flute in public, […]

JHONATAN OSPINA Raises Environmental Awareness With DJ Set From Tulum Recycling Center

JHONATAN OSPINA Raises Environmental Awareness With DJ Set From Tulum Recycling Center

Aiming to reduce carbon emissions and promote a more sustainable way of life, JHONATAN OSPINA has delivered a captivating live set with a environmental twist. The talented DJ and producer is also passionate environmental advocate, […]

Review: Bad Bunny’s ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’

Review: Bad Bunny's 'Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana'

By the onset of 1977, Héctor Lavoe, the Puerto Rican salsero of legend, was down and out. Lavoe, a Fania All Star who once soared in hit songs like “Mi Gente” and “Periódico de Ayer,” […]