The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

The hype versus reality of AI in Hollywood

Austin, Texas —  For every problem you can think of, someone is out there pitching a solution that involves artificial intelligence. AI could help solve such intractable problems as climate change and dangerous work conditions, the […]

Cutting Through Web3 & AI Hype at the CRS Digital Music Summit

Digital Music Summit CRS 2023

Photo Credit: Brandon Jean Does the future of music lie with web3, NFTs, and virtual world technology? Maybe. Digital Music News is cutting through the hype during the Digital Music Summit at Country Radio Seminar […]

Marvel Fans Are Hype Over Wolverine’s Introduction Into the MCU

Marvel Fans Are Hype Over Wolverine's Introduction Into the MCU

Getty Image Heeeee’s back. Hugh Jackman last appeared in his iconic role of Wolverine in 2017’s chapter-closing blockbuster Logan. He first appeared in the role for Marvel Entertainment 17 years prior in the movie X-Men. […]

‘Elden Ring’ Hype Is Causing Fear Of Actual Death Among Fans – | Articles

Dark Souls' traditional bad advice

Shared from For a very long time after its announcement, Elden Ring, the spiritual successor to the popular Dark Souls series, felt like a mirage. Details remained so scarce and hype levels so high for so long […]