Bill Lawrence on ‘Shrinking’ and the ‘breakdown of boundaries’

Harrison Ford in a green puffer jacket and Bill Lawrence on the set of "Shrinking."

The dirty secret of therapy is that therapists often need their own help coping with life’s challenges. And the Apple TV+ comedy series “Shrinking” has used that idea as a launching point. The series stars […]

Jay-Z Becomes The Richest Hip-Hop Mogul As His Net Worth Soars To $2.5 Billion!

Jay-Z's net worth soars to $2.5 billion

Jay-Z’s net worth soars to $2.5 billion ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia ) Hip-hop mogul Jay-Z has seen his net worth soar to a new height. He boasts a fortune of $2.5 billion. According to […]

Indie supergroup Boygenius: ‘Anything that starts a fire in you is the stuff of life’ | Indie

‘We get to not feel isolated’ … Julien Baker, Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers.

Earlier this year, the three members of Boygenius – Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus – signed up for a run of group therapy sessions. The year ahead was freighted with the band’s debut […]