Transformers’ G.I. Joe crossover movie is firmly a Transformers sequel

Anthony Ramos as Noah crouching aron asphalt as a car burns behind him in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura knows how to roll the dice. During a tenure as an executive at Warner Bros. Pictures, he snatched up the film rights to Harry Potter and threw an exorbitant budget […]

Anime revitalized Teen Titans and made cartoons what they are today

Raven walking in front of Robin and Starfire, who are smiling at each other, and Beast Boy and Cyborg, who are laughing together

Nowadays, Teen Titans’ rise can feel a bit inevitable. After all, it came on the heels of anime access in the U.S. moving from VHS tapes at your local comic or video stores to the […]

Ultimate 2022-23 Southern California high school sports playlist

A volleyball team celebrates.

Songs weave the fabric of every pregame warm-up and team ritual. And in the TikTok era, music has never been more important or prevalent in high school sports. Every athlete has individual tastes, yes, but […]

Secret Invasion recap episode two – no one has more fun than Olivia Colman | Television

Covert operations … Emilia Clarke as G’iah in Secret Invasion.

The following recap contains spoilers for Secret Invasion. Please do not read unless you have seen episodes one and two. Space and time We opened in 1995 with a highlights reel of Captain Marvel and […]

Tom Grennan secures second Number 1 album with ‘What Ifs & Maybes’ – Music News

Tom Grennan announces new podcast ‘The Tom Grennan Phone In’ - Music News

Tom Grennan secures his second Number 1 album with What Ifs & Maybes. The Bedford-born singer-songwriter reaches the summit with his third studio LP, having previously enjoyed success with 2018 debut Lighting Matches (5) and […]

Tom Cruise Now Eyed By James Gunn To Replace Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern In DCU After Being Rumoured For MCU’s Iron Man Since Forever?

Tom Cruise Considered By DCU To Play Green Lantern?

Tom Cruise Has Been Eyed To Play Green Lantern In The DCU? ( Photo Credit – Wikipedia ; IMDb ) The comic book universes have lured almost everyone, from the audience to the creative folks […]

Star Trek’s new Klingon makeup is the latest chapter of a wild history

A close-up of Kor (John Colicos) in his Klingon makeup, which includes brownface, Spock-like eyebrows, and a Fu Manchu mustache, in a still from Star Trek the Original Series

Apart from the benevolent pointy-eared Vulcans, there’s no fictional alien species more iconic than the Klingons — not only in Star Trek, but in pop culture at large. The spacefaring warriors have evolved over half […]

9 New Albums You Should Listen to Now: Queens of the Stone Age, Killer Mike, Sigur Rós, and More

Queens of the Stone Age In Times New Roman...

With so much good music being released all the time, it can be hard to determine what to listen to first. Every week, Pitchfork offers a run-down of significant new releases available on streaming services. […]