‘Sexy, sweaty and surprising – with a really big ending’: readers’ best films of 2024 so far | Movies

Sexy, sweaty, surprising … Love Lies Bleeding.

Blue Giant is a wonderful anime film following three young men trying to break into the dying modern Tokyo jazz underground. I saw this on a whim with a friend of mine. We were both […]

BBC Sounds announces new celebrity culture podcast with Stacey Dooley, Larry Dean, Jack Remmington & Sarel 

BBC Sounds

The BBC have this week announced details of a new storytelling strand about celebrity culture comprising two new podcasts, Famously… In Love and Famously… On Trial. Stacey Dooley and Larry Dean will analyse the biggest […]

MY LADY JANE: The Harsh History, Charming Characters, and Feminist Framing in Prime Video’s Tudor-Era Fantasy Series

first look images of My Lady Jane cast on set for prime video tv series

Are you looking to fill that Bridgerton-sized hole in your hearts while you’re (impatiently) waiting for its next season? If so, Prime Video has the perfect historical series to deliver all the fantasy, romance, adventure, […]

Review: These releases run the genre gamut

The American Society of Magical Negroes on Blu-ray

A scene from ‘Kung Fu Panda 4’ courtesy of DreamWorks Animation These releases include a musical biopic; another kung fu lesson; a strange romance; a couple of cult classics; and an entertaining thinker. Universal Pictures […]

The 25 Best Animated TV Shows Ever Made — Best Life

Still from The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends

From Saturday morning cartoons to the late night offerings of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, animated series offer viewers the chance to escape into imaginative worlds, explore surprisingly complex themes, and experience what is possible outside […]

Star Wars: The Acolyte reopens the debate: Do the Jedi kidnap children?

A meme with three images from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In panel 1, Cal Kestis says “Having a lightsaber isn’t what makes you a Jedi.” In panel 2, Nightsister Merrin responds “Then what does?” In panel 3, Cal, in closeup, says “Being kidnapped as a kid and inducted into a cult.”

When the first trailer for Lucasfilm’s latest Star Wars series, The Acolyte, dropped back in March, the group email for my Star Wars: Edge of the Empire role-playing game immediately blew up. The tongue-in-cheek question […]

20 of the Dumbest Plans in Movie History

20 of the Dumbest Plans in Movie History

In this house, we love a movie plan that is both way too complicated to work out and completely illogical if you think about it for even a second. So does user AporiaParadox. “Bad guys and good […]

Breaking Bad Star Giancarlo Esposito Tapped To Star As Mysterious Villain In Sequel, Teases “It’s A Role You Won’t Predict”

Breaking Bad Star Giancarlo Esposito Tapped To Star as Mysterious Villain in Captain America: The Brave New World

Giancarlo Esposito Will Play Mysterious Villain In Captain America 4 ( Photo Credit – Instagram ) It’s official! Breaking Bad Star Giancarlo Esposito, who is no stranger to playing villainous characters, will reportedly star as […]

‘Young Woman and the Sea’ review: Epic story of perseverance

A family cheers on news.

After distance swimmer Trudy Ederle swam the English Channel in 1926, she had the biggest parade for an athlete in New York City — ever. As the first woman to swim the channel, she effectively […]

Alex Kurtzman on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ finale and what’s next

A tall, thin alien and a human woman walk through the tunnel of a spaceship.

In “Star Trek” terms, and in the real world of “Star Trek” television, Alex Kurtzman, who oversees the 21st century franchise, might be described as the Federation president, from whose offices various series depart on […]

Everything We Know About Lightsabers in the STAR WARS Universe

Four Jedi hold lightsabers of different colors in Star Wars

At its core, Star Wars is a fantasy story in space, a series of joyful, thrilling, and hopeful adventures. And what’s a good fantasy saga without a magical sword? They’re integral parts of these stories: […]

Napster 25th anniversary: Music sharing site created a monster


Musicians are furious that new tech has gutted their income. Record labels are wary, yet eager to cut deals with ascendant platforms. Fans are delighted to access songs for a pittance, even as they’re screwing […]