IFPI Takes Successful Action Against Bulgarian Torrent Sites

IFPI torrent sites bulgaria blocked

Photo Credit: Neven Myst Major labels are celebrating a court order blocking BitTorrent trackers in Bulgaria. Here’s the latest. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) represents the recorded music industry worldwide, alongside the […]

How Many Spider-Characters Can the Spider-Verse Hold?

How Many Spider-Characters Can the Spider-Verse Hold?

Five years after the release of the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles Morales and his Spider-friends are finally returning to the big screen in Across the Spider-Verse—and the sequel has a lot to live […]

Rumors of Collaboration Between Calvin Harris and Britney Spears Swirl on Social Media

Rumors of Collaboration Between Calvin Harris and Britney Spears Swirl on Social Media

It’s Britney and Calvin, bitch. Whispers of a collaboration between Calvin Harris and Britney Spears are abound on social media this weekend. After @ABTLABinsider shared a tweet alluding to a new track in the works, […]

‘An inspiration to women around the world’: readers remember Tina Turner | Tina Turner

Lenneke and her mother.

‘My mum and I bonded over her’ Lenneke and her mother. Photograph: Guardian Community I saw Tina Turner in August 1990, at a concert in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I was 20 and a veterinary science […]

Asteroid City proves Wes Anderson can’t be copied, by AI or anyone else

Scarlett Johansson stares into the distance in a booth in Asteroid City, with the Southwest sunset over the desert behind her.

This review of Asteroid City comes from the movie’s premiere screening at the Cannes Film Festival. Expect more on the movie as we get closer to the film’s theatrical opening in June. Film lovers have […]

Former ‘Fill-In’ Beatles Bass Player Chas Newby Dies Aged 81

Chas Newby dies

Photo Credit: Nick Fewings Former “fill-in” Beatles bass player Chas Newby — who was also a member of John Lennon’s first band, The Quarrymen, has died at age 81. Chas Newby, a British musician who […]

Beyoncé review – a spangled supernova of joy | Beyoncé

Beyoncé on stage in Cardiff

It begins with what looks like an old-fashioned TV test card but is in fact the colours of the Progress Pride flag, arrayed across the back of the giant stage. It ends with a photo […]

Playing Around With Google MusicLM — Just How Good Is It?

just how good is Google MusicLM at generating music from text

Photo Credit: Google MusicLM In 2022 was the year crypto imploded, then 2023 is the year that artificial intelligence has exploded. Large language models, neural networks, and machine learning have helped drive the field of […]

Explore the Top Ten Forgotten Bands of the Music Industry


The music industry is one of the largest business industries in the current scenario. It has been there and constantly creating music for all of us. Over time we have seen and heard many artists. […]

LA Philharmonic Concert-Goer Has “Loud” Orgasm: Report

LA Philharmonic Concert-Goer Has "Loud" Orgasm: Report

I’ll have what she’s having! Err, what she’s listening to… and the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 5 seems to have done the trick. Concert-goers are reporting that someone in the audience […]

Inside the music industry’s battle with the UK government over AI song generators

Hand holding up a piece of paper saying AI vs Art

Universal Music Group has been asking music streaming services like Spotify to stop developers from scraping its material to train AI bots to make new songs. The label, which controls about a third of the recorded music industry, has […]

Don Letts’ forever fashion: ‘When I wear this shirt now, how do I feel? Slimmer than I ought to be’ | Fashion

Don Letts in the 80s

I knew the late designer Scott Crolla a bit, because we moved in the same circles in London. He had a shop in the early 80s. I got three or four of these shirts. His […]