Tom Brady admirer Veronika Rajek almost spills out of plunging black jumpsuit as fans declare her ‘5ft11 of beauty’

Veronika Rajek gave her fans a Monday treat with a fresh look

VERONIKA RAJEK has left fans with their jaws on the floor after showing off her daring latest look. The Slovakian NFL fanatic, 27, has recently been enjoying life on Mexico’s west coast. 6 Veronika Rajek […]

Selena Gomez Praises Bella Hadid’s Beauty, Says Model Is Her ‘Girl Crush’

Selena Gomez is taking a moment to appreciate Bella Hadid’s beauty. On Tuesday, the singer/actress shared several videos and photos to her TikTok account, where she praised the model. In the first clip, Gomez lip-synced […]

how online beauty gurus get followers to trust them by posting negative reviews

Quarter life, a series by The Conversation

In a departure from their usual content, TikTok beauty influencers are “de-influencing”, telling viewers what not to buy. Offering uncharacteristically critical product reviews, many are directing their criticism at products that they believe have been […]

When Sydney Sweeney In A Sultry Black Gown Gave A Peek-a-B**b With The S*xiest Stare Possible & Charmed Us With Her Beauty!

Sydney Sweeney Once Wore A Sultry Black Gown & Charmed Us With Her Beauty!

When Sydney Sweeney In A Sultry Black Gown Gave A Peek-a-B**b! ( Photo Credit – Instagram ) Sydney Sweeney has been having an illustrious career ever since her performance got noticed in the critically acclaimed […]

Angelina Jolie Is “Hampered by” Her Beauty, Clint Eastwood Said

Angelina Jolie in

Angelina Jolie has been a Hollywood A-lister for years, appeared in over 40 movies, and won one of two Academy Awards she’s been nominated for. But, one famous director who worked with the star once […]

Tennis beauty Rachel Stuhlmann reveals why she became Instagram superstar after giving up her dream of being pro star

Rachel Stuhlmann is tennis's No1 influencer

RACHEL STUHLMANN has grand plans. The sexy tennis star, 31, has become the No1 influencer in the sport – amassing a staggering 262,000 followers on Instagram, drawn to her glam photos, fashionable outfits and her […]

Inside Irene Cara’s rise to fame from growing up on ‘rough NYC streets’ to pageant beauty queen and Flashdance starlet

Irene Cara died at he age of 63

THE late Irene Cara had risen to fame in the 1980s, acting in Fame and songwriting for Flashdance, but before that she spent her childhood on the rough streets of New York City. Cara, who […]

When Kevin Spacey Seduced A Teenager In ‘American Beauty’, It Was Unpleasantly Familiar For Anthony Rapp To Watch, Here’s Why

Watching Kevin Spacey seduce teenager in 'American Beauty' was unpleasantly familiar for Anthony Rapp

Watching Kevin Spacey seduce teenager in ‘American Beauty’ was unpleasantly familiar for Anthony Rapp(Photo Credit –Instagram/Still From American Beauty) It was a harrowing and a familiar experience for Anthony Rapp to watch ‘House of Cards’ […]