Kourtney Kardashian fans accuse star of ‘stealing’ from major brand for new Lemme design

Kourtney Kardashian released a new tracksuit available to buy through her brand, Lemme

KOURTNEY Kardashian fans slammed the star for supposedly ripping her designs from a popular brand. The 45-year-old Kardashian star recently released a new tracksuit for her brand, Lemme, but fans said it looks identical to […]

Harry & Meghan Dealt Major Blow As Their Charity Is Labeled ‘Delinquent’

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Were Reportedly DENIED A Ride On Air Force One After The Queen's Funeral

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s Archewell Foundation faces scrutiny as it’s flagged “delinquent” by California’s attorney general for failing to renew registration fees. However, the foundation reportedly filed for an extension and sent out a […]

Cardi B explains major gaffe she made on Met Gala red carpet

Cardi B explains major gaffe she made on Met Gala red carpet

After facing backlash, Cardi B is explaining why she referred to the designer of her voluminous Met Gala gown as “Asian and everything” instead of by his name. The “I Like It” rapper — who […]

Hailey Bieber fans will know ‘for sure’ if she’s pregnant at major event after Justin’s wife drops clues

Fans think Hailey Bieber's appearance at this Monday's Met Gala will prove whether or not the model is actually pregnant

HAILEY Bieber fans have given their thoughts on recent pregnancy rumors while questioning the model’s upcoming appearance. The Rhode Skin founder has all eyes on her after confirming last year that she would be attending […]

Kim Kardashian fans spot major sign star will be at Met Gala after sister Kylie Jenner drops hints she’s attending

Kardashian fans think that Kim is attending the Met Gala on Monday after spotting clues

KARDASHIAN fans think they have spotted a clue that Kim is going to the Met Gala. The Kardashians have attended multiple Met Galas in the past, despite some of the siblings being snubbed in recent […]

Olivia Dunne in major new career venture as she signs multi-million dollar NIL deal after LSU gymnastics success

Olivia Dunne announced this week that she signed a NIL deal with the digital platform Passes

OLIVIA Dunne has decided to sign a NIL deal valued at millions as she moves on from her stellar LSU gymnastics career. The 21-year-old Dunne announced that she will partner with the digital platform Passes. […]

Kris Jenner fans say she looks like ‘a disappearing act’ after major weight loss and beg her to ‘stop now’

Kris Jenner fans have claimed the reality TV star looks like she's disappearing and begged her to stop after her major weight loss

KRIS Jenner fans have claimed the reality TV star looks like she’s disappearing and begged her to stop after her major weight loss. Fans expressed concern about The Kardashians star’s slimmer-than-ever figure after her daughter […]

Post Malone shows off major weight loss at 2024 Stagecoach Festival as he performs with Brad Paisley and Dwight Yoakam

Post Malone performed at the 2024 Stagecoach Festival over the weekend

POST Malone has undergone a body transformation that is so significant that it’s undeniable. Post Malone, 28, took the stage with country music stars Brad Paisley, 51, and Dwight Yoakam, 67, at the 2024 Stagecoach […]

How Sammi Sweetheart’s TikTok with Jets Player’s Wife Sparked Major Jersey Shore Drama

How Sammi Sweetheart's TikTok with Jets Player's Wife Sparked Major Jersey Shore Drama

“Don’t f–k with Sam,” said Pauly D after seeing Sam’s video with Nick Bawden’s wife — who previously accused Angelina of slipping into her husband’s DMs. It wouldn’t be an episode of Jersey Shore Family […]

Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Has Suffered A Major Setback

Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle‘s podcast has reportedly been delayed until next year. The former “Suits” star signed a new podcast deal with Lemonada Media to re-release her Archetypes series after Spotify ended their […]

Is YouTube sucking up your battery? Google makes major change to Android app and users claim ‘it uses a lot of power’

It's unclear if the issue will be resolved

GOOGLE recently offered a big YouTube performance boost for Android owners – but users say its zapping their battery. The boost meant playback performance was shown in higher resolutions, while power consumption was lowered on […]