I’m a hot gamer who made a fortune selling my bathwater – now the internet is going crazy over my photos with F1NN5TER

Belle Delphine and F1NN5TER get close

POPULAR gamer girl Belle Delphine has sent internet rumours flying after F1NN5TER shared a photo of the pair cuddled up together. F1NN5TER, who describes himself as the “world’s number 1 femboy”, teased fans on Twitter […]

NY Oil Millionaire Lost A Fortune With Enron… Then Madoff… Then FTX! The Triple Crown Of Bad Investments

NY Oil Millionaire Lost A Fortune With Enron... Then Madoff... Then FTX! The Triple Crown Of Bad Investments

Generally speaking – and this is not qualified financial advice – It’s pretty much always better to invest your money rather than lit it simply sit in the bank earning pennies in interest. Putting your […]

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak looks annoyed after he accuses player of ‘making up her own rules’ in awkward moment

Pat Sajak looked annoyed and needed a moment

WHEEL of Fortune’s Pat Sajak got shorter than usual with a contestant on Tuesday’s episode. He accused Carmen of “making up her own rules” during an awkward exchange and one episode after a contestant formally […]

After Earning $6M From The NBA, Vinnie Johnson Launched A Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Empire And Earned A $500M Fortune

After Earning $6M From The NBA, Vinnie Johnson Launched A Multi-Billion Dollar Automotive Empire And Earned A $500M Fortune

If you browsed our list of the 10 richest NBA players of all time, one name probably jumps out. Mixed in with some very unsurprising names like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron […]

Wheel of Fortune fans ‘too distracted’ by Vanna White’s sultry leopard mini dress to watch players face-off in new game

Vanna White's leg-flaunting dress distracted Wheel of Fortune viewers

VANNA White has donned such a bold number for Wednesday’s Wheel of Fortune episode that some viewers were unable to focus on the game. The 65-year-old’s leopard mini dress became the talk of Twitter where […]

Unraveling The Mystery Of Andrew Tate’s Purported $300-400 Million Fortune

Unraveling The Mystery Of Andrew Tate's Purported $300-400 Million Fortune

When you operate a website that reports on the extreme wealth and assets of celebrities, you tend to receive A LOT of feedback from super fans of very specific celebrities. For example, not a day […]

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak panics on stage after contestant reveals plans to replace the show’s legendary announcer

Pat said 'I just read what's on the card' as he couldn't believe Derwin's aspirations

A WHEEL of Fortune contestant has worked up host Pat Sajak by revealing his grand plans to replace the game show’s longtime announcer. After Derwin outlined his plot, the camera cut to Jim Thornton in […]

Wheel of Fortune contestant Breauna reveals to grandmother she won big on her favorite show in touching moment

Breuana won huge on Wheel of Fortune and shouted out her grandmother during the episode

WHEEL of Fortune contestant Breuana Branch won $70K on Friday and fans’ hearts with the sweetest bonus video. The contestant was shown playing back her big win for her grandmother – who watches the game […]

Wheel of Fortune reveals sneak peek at celebrity spinoff’s Christmas episode featuring big A-lister

ABCs Celebrity Wheel of Fortune hosts; Vanna White and Pat Sajak

WHEEL of Fortune has revealed a sneak peek of the celebrity spinoff’s Christmas episode which will feature a famous A-list actor. Celebrity Wheel of Fortune hosts Pat Sajak, 76, and Vanna White, 65, welcome celebrity guests to […]

Wheel of Fortune contestant Noah steals game with landslide victory as bonus round leaves viewers shocked

Wheel of Fortune contestant Noah shocked fans with a landslide victory

WHEEL of Fortune contestant Noah has stolen the latest round of the game show in a landslide victory during a shocking bonus round. The young competitor walked away with more than $60,000 when the game […]

If Liverpool Sells, LeBron James Will Make A Nice Little Fortune

If Liverpool Sells, LeBron James Will Make A Nice Little Fortune

Since winning the NBA championship in 2020, LeBron James hasn’t had a ton of basketball success. Sure, Space Jam: A New Legacy earned $163.7 million at the box office, which isn’t terrible (though doesn’t look great […]

Jeff Bezos vows to give away most of fortune – and hands Dolly Parton $100m | Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has promised to give away the vast majority of his $124bn (£110bn) fortune during his lifetime, but admitted that ensuring that the most worthy causes benefit is proving as difficult as building his […]

Wheel of Fortune fans in shock as players botch puzzle & can’t name famous comic in awkward celebrity spinoff moment

Comedians Paul Scheer, Luenell, and Mary Lynn Rajskub couldn't solve a puzzle, shocking viewers

THE three celebrities battling it out on Sunday’s episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune have been badly embarrassed as they couldn’t come up with the name of a famous, award winning actor. Smart viewers online […]