Noughties teen show heartthrob unrecognisable 23 years after hit show, iconic horror movie and Marvel role

Michael Rosenbaum pictured back in 2023

NOUGHTIES teen show heartthrob Michael Rosenbaum looks unrecognisable 23 years after hit American superhero TV hit show. The actor, 51, played Lex Luthor in the popular programme Smallville between 2001 and 2011. 4 Michael Rosenbaum pictured […]

Wolverine Gets Marvel Comics-Accurate Yellow Suit in MCU’s DEADPOOL 3

First look at Hugh Jackman Wolverine MCU suit from Deadpool 3, his yellow costume form the comics in high quality.

The MCU loves a yellow super suit. First, it gave Charlie Cox’s Daredevil his red and yellow outfit when he appeared on the Disney+ series, She-Hulk. And now, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have officially […]

Ahead Of MCU Flick’s Release, Check Out The Powers & Abilities Of Hugh Jackman’s Character That Makes Him One Of The Strongest Marvel Hero!

Deadpool & Wolverine: Ahead Of The MCU Flick's Release, Check Out Hugh Jackman's Character's Powers & Abilities.

Deadpool & Wolverine: Decoding Hugh Jackman’s Character Logan’s Superpowers. (Photo Credit – IMDb) The MCU movie Deadpool & Wolverine is still a few months away from its theatrical release, and the excitement among the Marvel […]

‘Spider-Man’ Star Kirsten Dunst Gets Trolled For Admitting She Hasn’t Watched Any Marvel Movie, Netizens Say “She’s Just Salty”

'Spider-Man' Star Kirsten Dunst Reveals She Hasn't Watched Any Marvel Movie

‘Spider-Man’ Star Kirsten Dunst Admits To Not Watching Any Marvel Movie, Gets Trolled Online ( Photo Credit – IMDb ) Kirsten Dunst, aka the OG MJ of Tobey Maguire-led Spider-Man trilogy, has revealed she is […]

Marvel drops secret Fantastic Four movie hints and free comics

A 404 page with an illustration of HERBIE the robot and a QR code on his side. The 4s are set in circles like the Fantastic Four logo.

Today is April 4, written out in both Europe and the Americas as 4-4-2024. Marvel Studios has a very vested interest in the number 4, since the mega-studio’s biggest and most interesting project on the […]

Who Is the FANTASTIC FOUR’S Silver Surfer, Shalla-Bal? Her Marvel Comics History, Explained

Shalla-Bal says farewell to her great love Norrin Radd in 1968's Silver Surfer #1.

Marvel fans everywhere were surprised at the casting announcement of Ozark star Julia Garner as the Silver Surfer in the upcoming MCU Fantastic Four film, directed by Matt Shakman. However, this Silver Surfer won’t be […]

When Marvel Was Scared To Hire Robert Downey Jr As Iron Man But Jon Favreau Said, “This Could Be Like Casting Johnny Depp in Pirates”

Robert Downey Jr As Iron Man

Jon Favreau On Robert Downey Jr As Iron Man. (Photo Credit – IMDb) Robert Downey Jr turns 59 today! RDJ has entertained the audience for three decades or more with incredible stories, characters and performances. […]

When Spider-Man Producer Hurled Her Lunch At Marvel Boss Kevin Feige For Offering His Help: “That Is The Truth”

Spider-Man Producer Once Threw A Food Item At Marvel Boss Kevin Feige For Suggesting To Bring Peter Parker In The MCU

Spider-Man Producer Once Threw A Food Item At Marvel Boss Kevin Feige – Find Out Why. (Photo Credit – IMDb) The Marvel Cinematic Universe, aka MCU, finally got its own Spider-Man in Tom Holland when […]

Kristen Stewart Disses Marvel Films & Calls Them “A F**king Nightmare” But There’s One Way She Could Join The MCU!

Kristen Stewart May Never Join The MCU!

Kristen Stewart Disapproves Of MCU Films!(Photo Credit –Facebook) The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has a massive fan base worldwide. Movies like Avengers: Endgame have crossed a billion dollars at the global box office. But Kristen […]

X-MEN ’97 Producer Hints at Crossover with Other ’90s Marvel Animated Characters

(L) Cyclops in X-Men '97 (R) Spider-Man from the 1994-1998 Spider-Man animated series.

X-Men ’97 on Disney+ has been a hit with both fans and critics, restoring Marvel’s mutants to their proper place in the pop culture pantheon. Although the show’s first two episodes have focused solely on […]

Who Is Sunspot in X-MEN? This Marvel Mutant’s History, Explained

Sunspot's tragic origin story from the New Mutants graphic novel from 1982.

In the first episode of X-Men ’97, the series introduces us to a new young mutant, Roberto da Costa, a.k.a. Sunspot. As a new guest at Xavier’s School, Roberto fills the role Jubilee did in […]