Kim Kardashian fans shocked by her ‘sunken’ skin and ‘greasy’ makeup in rare unedited pics at basketball game with North

Kim Kardashian fans think the star's makeup looks greasy and she had sullen skin in new unedited photos

KIM Kardashian fans have criticized the star for her greasy makeup and sunken skin in new photos. The reality TV star typically edits her photos for social media, so Kardashian fans were shocked to see […]

Hilary Duff cries as she holds baby daughter Townes after water birth and kisses husband Matthew Koma in emotional pics

Hilary Duff shared a set of emotional photos to announce the birth of her daughter, Townes, who was born on May 3

HILARY Duff has given fans a glimpse into the emotional at-home water birth she had to deliver her baby. The 36-year-old actress and her husband, Matthew Koma, 36, welcomed their daughter, Townes, on May 3. […]

Jaden Smith appears to get parking ticket while driving his Tesla around Beverly Hills with girlfriend Sab Zada

Jaen Smith appeared to have gotten a parking ticket while hanging out in Beverly Hills

JADEN Smith has appeared to have received a parking ticket while hanging out in Beverly Hills with his girlfriend Sab Zada. The Syre rapper and his model girlfriend were grabbing lunch in the affluent Los […]

Kingdom of the Planet of Apes required AI for VFX — but an ethical kind

Noa (a chimp) and Raka (an orangutan) from Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes look at each other while Noa holds a weapon

Right now, every industry faces discussions about how artificial intelligence might help or hinder work. In movies, creators are concerned that their work might be stolen to train AI replacements, their future jobs might be […]

‘Black Twitter: A People’s History’ explains origins of a subculture

Three people posing for a photo.

When Hulu announced that it would be releasing a docuseries about Black Twitter, the streamer got an immediate earful from … Black Twitter. Users complained of appropriation, of big media big-footing, of The Man swooping […]

Star Trek Discovery discovers a new take on religion for the franchise

Worf and two other Klingons scream at the sky, while one of them closes the eyes of a fourth, fallen Klingon in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek’s future is a secular one. Franchise creator Gene Roddenberry was an avowed atheist, and the series and its spin-offs have routinely criticized organized religion as manipulative, illogical, and detrimental to the evolution of […]

FALLING IN REVERSE Announces New Album ‘Popular Monster’, Summer 2024 U.S. Headline Tour

FALLING IN REVERSE Announces New Album 'Popular Monster', Summer 2024 U.S. Headline Tour

FALLING IN REVERSE make anthems that provoke and inspire. Unnervingly ahead of the pack and yet always decisively right on time, their mix of bombastic declarations and intimate confessions connect with diverse crowds worldwide. The […]

Michelle Pfeiffer, 66, fans gush ‘you still got it!’ as actress ‘hasn’t aged one bit’ in new selfies

Michelle Pfeiffer showed off her ageless appearance in new Instagram selfies

MICHELLE Pfeiffer has fans in awe of her ageless appearance and gushing over how good she looks in new selfies. The 66-year-old actress posted pics on Instagram over the weekend of her look following a […]