Noughties teen show heartthrob unrecognisable 23 years after hit show, iconic horror movie and Marvel role

Michael Rosenbaum pictured back in 2023

NOUGHTIES teen show heartthrob Michael Rosenbaum looks unrecognisable 23 years after hit American superhero TV hit show. The actor, 51, played Lex Luthor in the popular programme Smallville between 2001 and 2011. 4 Michael Rosenbaum pictured […]

Watch horror moment Olivia Dunne crashes to floor in terrifying fall while LSU star practices tricky routine in training

Olivia Dunne posted a clip of herself practicing a tricky gymnastics routing ahead of next week's NCAA Women's Gymnastics Championships

LSU star gymnast Olivia Dunne revealed a brutal fall she endured while practicing a routine during training. The 21-year-old Dunne posted a clip of the gymnastic move on social media. 4 Olivia Dunne posted a […]

YouTuber and UFL star Deestroying suffers horror injury as he pleads for kids to ‘learn how to tackle’

Deestroying has been placed on IR after suffering a fractured neck during a Week 2 tackle

YOUTUBE sensation Deestroying has suffered a brutal injury in just his second professional football game. Deestroying, whose real name is Donald De La Haye, went viral during the United Football League game, which featured San […]

Blue’s Clues’ Steve Burns Says He Watched ‘Quiet On Set’ in ‘Horror’

Blue's Clues' Steve Burns Says He Watched 'Quiet On Set' in 'Horror'

“It’s just terrible to watch it unfold. I don’t know what else to say, other than that it’s heartbreaking,” the former Nick Jr. host said of the explosive docuseries. Former Blue’s Clues host Steve Burns […]

American Horror Story Delicate is back to let actresses’ freak flags fly

Siobhan (Kim Kardashian) looking at her phone while Anna (Emma Roberts) talks to her and looks vaguely upset on a beach

American Horror Story: Delicate is obviously pulling from a variety of sources: It’s based on Danielle Valentine’s book Delicate Condition, but its first half is full of nods to Dead Ringers and Rosemary’s Baby. This […]

Eighties slashermovie star, 60, looks like she’s ageing backwards 40 years after fame and horror film comeback

Betsy Russell starred in raunchy comedy Private School with Michael Zorek in the 80s

An EIGHTIES slasher movie star appeared to be aging backwards 40 years after experiencing Hollywood fame. 60-year-old Betsy Russell shot to fame in schlocky horror flicks like Cheerleader Camp and raunchy teen comedies like Private […]