YouTuber MrBeast, 26, announces Tesla & Cybertruck giveaway for his birthday – but winners might not receive vehicles

MrBeast has announced a huge giveaway for his 26th birthday

TO celebrate his birthday, YouTube juggernaut MrBeast has announced a massive giveaway on social media. MrBeast, real name Jimmy Donaldson, is known for giving away money in the form of challenges, giveaways, and donations. 4 […]

I’m a Toddlers & Tiaras star-turned-millionaire – my relationship with a YouTuber is private, our moms want us together

Isabella Barrett shot to fame after appearing on the reality series Toddlers & Tiaras

FORMER Toddlers & Tiaras star Isabella Barrett has spilled the beans on her budding relationship with YouTuber and pop sensation Gavin Magnus. At just 6 years old, Rhode Island’s wildly ambitious Isabella became a millionaire […]

Angry Rantman dead at 27: YouTuber and viral Chelsea fan – real name Abhradeep Saha – dies as tributes pour in

Abhradeep Saha aka Angry Rantman has passed away

FOOTBALL YouTuber Abhradeep Saha, also known as Angry Rantman, has tragically passed away at the age of 27. A statement from his family read: “With profound grief and sorrow, we hereby declare the sad and […]

YouTuber and UFL star Deestroying suffers horror injury as he pleads for kids to ‘learn how to tackle’

Deestroying has been placed on IR after suffering a fractured neck during a Week 2 tackle

YOUTUBE sensation Deestroying has suffered a brutal injury in just his second professional football game. Deestroying, whose real name is Donald De La Haye, went viral during the United Football League game, which featured San […]

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard posts ‘sad vibes’ video after filing for divorce from Parker Ferris saying ‘don’t know what to do’

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard posted a recent video expressing she was sad that she was home without her daughter

YOUTUBER Aspyn Ovard has posted a video home from the hospital days after filing for divorce from her husband, Parker Ferris. Ovard, 28, told her fans on Tuesday that her newborn daughter was born prematurely […]

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard, 28, files for divorce from husband Parker Ferris just days after giving birth to their third child

Influencer Aspyn Ovard, 28, has filed for divorce from her husband Parker Ferris, according to records exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun

A UTAH influencer has filed for divorce on the same day she shared a heartwarming video of her husband in the hospital celebrating the birth of their third child. Aspyn Ovard filed a petition to […]

YouTuber Ninja diagnosed with skin cancer after streamer went for annual check-up and melanoma was found

YouTuber Ninja has said he has been diagnosed with cancer

A YOUTUBER has revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer. Gaming fanatic Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, revealed he was told the news following an annual check-up. 2 YouTuber Ninja has said […]

Moment KSI is brutally RKO’d by Randy Orton as YouTuber fumes ‘why am I always just getting beat up on WWE?’

KSI made a surprise appearance on SmackDown as he linked up with Logan Paul

WWE superstar Randy Orton humiliated Logan Paul and KSI on SmackDown with a devastating RKO. The British YouTuber made a surprise appearance on Friday to link up with fellow social media personality Paul, who is […]

YouTuber James Somerton sparks fan concern after posting troubling note online as his plagiarism scandal rages on

Concerns are rising over the well-being of James Somerton after a disturbing note was shared on social media

CONCERNS were raised by fans and critics of YouTuber James Somerton after a post was shared online about “ending things.” Somerton was slammed online in December after he was accused of plagiarizing several other writers […]

YouTuber finds her AI clone on the internet begging for a Chinese husband…& promising to do all the cooking and cleaning

A Ukrainian woman was shocked to find AI clones of herself online

A YOUTUBER was horrified when she discovered her AI clone begging for a Chinese husband and promising to do household chores on the internet. Olga Loyek, from Ukraine, stumbled upon a series of “very offensive” […]

Jake Paul signs Neeraj Goyat after Indian boxing and movie star travels 9,000 miles to confront YouTuber amid fight talk

Jake Paul has signed Indian boxer Neeraj Goyat

JAKE PAUL has signed Neeraj Goyat after the Indian boxing star travelled 9,000 miles to confront him. Goyat – who once signed to face Amir Khan – has relentlessly called out YouTuber-turned boxer Paul. 3 […]

YouTuber selling off stunning car collection for $146k including a custom Corvette – he says it’s ‘the best deal’

An automotive YouTuber has decided to part ways with a handful of his cherished vehicles in his collection

A YOUTUBER has decided to part ways with a few cars from his collection to establish financial fitness for racing competitions. A “self-proclaimed hoarder” of highly sought-after vehicles, new and old, has listed a few […]

YouTuber Wilbur Soot’s ex-girlfriend Shubble slams his apology as he denies ‘abuse’ and insists biting was ‘playful’

Shelby Grace, better known as Shubble, accused her ex-boyfriend of abuse during their relationship

A POPULAR streamer has been slammed by his ex-girlfriend after he denied claims that he was abusive, claiming that his actions were consensual and playful. Shelby Grace, a Twitch streamer better known as Shubble with […]