Trolls called me ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ for wearing sheer clothes at 60 but I know not to care, says Trinny Woodall

Trinny Woodall has opened up about trolls saying she looks like "mutton dressed as lamb" in sheer clothes

WHILE most women might wince at the idea of wearing sheer clothes, 60-year-old Trinny Woodall doesn’t.  So much so, the fashion expert is urging other women to give the risque fashion statement a go and […]

I wouldn’t be seen dead out with my man if he was wearing Zara – I love my chav fiancé in trackies and balaclavas

Shannon said she hates men that wear Zara

A WOMAN has revealed that she wouldn’t be seen dead out and about with her fiancé if he was wearing Zara, as she prefers it when he’s dressed in a tracksuit and a balaclava. Shannon […]

Olivia Dunne hugs pal and wishes her happy birthday while wearing revealing one-piece bikini during beach vacation

Olivia Dunne wished her friend Olivia Ponton a happy birthday

OLIVIA Dunne ended her Cabo beach vacation by wishing her close friend a happy birthday in a cute social media post. The college gymnastics superstar posed with fellow influencer Olivia Ponton for a birthday snap. […]

Why Is Eloise From Bridgerton AKA Claudia Jessie Wearing Same Suit For Promotions?

Why Is Eloise From Bridgerton aka Claudia Jessie Wearing The Same Suit For Promotions?

Why Is Eloise From Bridgerton aka Claudia Jessie Wearing The Same Suit For Promotions?(Photo Credit –Instagram) Netflix’s popular series Bridgerton revolves around the lives, romances, and scandals of the titular family in Regency-era London. Eloise, […]

Kim Kardashian fans convinced star is ‘wearing a wig’ in new photos after ‘ruining’ her brunette hair to go blonde

Kim Kardashian has bleached her hair its whitest blond yet

KIM Kardashian has unveiled a bold new look, but fans think she’s hiding her real hair. Kim‘s pal and stylist Chris Appleton showed off her blond transformation on Instagram on Tuesday. 6 Kim Kardashian has […]

Jennifer Lopez still wearing wedding ring during solo outing despite rumors she’s headed for divorce from Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez arrived alone at a dance studio in Los Angeles on Thursday

JENNIFER Lopez has been spotted flashing her wedding ring during an outing. The pop music star was seen enjoying a sunny day out in Los Angeles on Thursday. 6 Jennifer Lopez arrived alone at a […]

Kylie Jenner critics beg her to ‘fix her butt’ as they think ‘it’s too long’ in new clip of star wearing skintight dress

Kylie Jenner posted a video documenting her day in Las Vegas

KYLIE Jenner has posted a video documenting her day in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her sister Kendall Jenner but fans were distracted. The Kardashians star’s followers were left begging the star to stop with plastic […]

Hailey Bieber’s fashion and lifestyle changes during pregnancy revealed from skipping sushi to wearing baggy clothes

Fans believed Hailey had been pregnant for about five months before making her official baby announcement

HAILEY Bieber has caused fans to speculate pregnancy rumors for months over her diet and wardrobe changes. This past Thursday, Hailey, 27, and Justin, 30, announced they are expecting their first baby, proving fans’ theories […]

Selena Gomez Drops Photo Of Her Wearing A Ring Amid Hailey Bieber’s Pregnancy Announcement, Gets Brutally Slammed Online, Netizens Say, “She’s Desperate For Attention”

Selena Gomez Drops Photo Of Her Wearing A Ring Amid Hailey Bieber's Pregnancy Announcement, Gets Brutally Slammed Online, Netizens Say, "She's Desperate For Attention"

Selena Gomez Gets Slammed For Dropping A Picture Wearing A Ring After Hailey Bieber Announced Her Pregnancy ( Photo Credit – Instagram ) The Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber drama continues! Recently, Justin Bieber and […]

Lili Reinhart Cups Her Chest While Wearing A Tiny White Bikini Top

Lili Reinhart poses for the camera.

Lili Reinhart recently treated her Instagram followers to a glimpse of her Coachella adventures with a captivating photo dump. Among the snapshots, one particular image stole the spotlight as the actress, known for her role […]

I’m slim thicc with tree trunk legs – I don’t care if people judge, I love wearing short shorts

Carla Kent said life's too short not to wear short shorts

A SLIM thicc fashionista has urged people to wear what they want regardless of their shape after modelling pairs of tiny shorts. Carla Kent, 27, describes herself as “your petite curvy bestie” and regularly shares […]

Zendaya Says She Was ‘Lightheaded’ Wearing Her Viral Robot Look

Zendaya in Thierry Mugler’s robot suit at the world premiere of "Dune: Part Two" in London. The "Dune" actor said that wearing the outfit was "meant to be."

It turns out that Zendaya was left weak in the knees while rocking her viral robot look. The fashionista served up looks upon looks during the “Dune: Part Two” press run earlier this year, but […]

Olivia Dunne is barely recognizable in behind-the-scenes photo wearing cap and baggy shirt while eating Cheetos

Olivia Dunne took to TikTok to share two snaps side by side along with the caption 'The side the media does not want you to see'

SOCIAL media star Olivia Dunne has shared a glimpse into what her life is like behind the scenes. The LSU gymnast, influencer, and model, 21, is known for her ultra-glamorous lifestyle. 6 Olivia Dunne took […]

I have an apron belly and slim legs… trolls don’t like that I have confidence but I won’t stop wearing my shorts

The young woman, from Texas, the USA, recently revealed she used to avoid wearing certain clothes, such as crop tops and shorts

A PLUS-SIZE woman with the so-called apron belly has revealed she’ll remain confident in her body no matter what cruel trolls have to say. Stylish fashionista Lindsey is a size 22/24 and has an apron belly, […]