I’m slim thicc with tree trunk legs – I don’t care if people judge, I love wearing short shorts

Carla Kent said life's too short not to wear short shorts

A SLIM thicc fashionista has urged people to wear what they want regardless of their shape after modelling pairs of tiny shorts. Carla Kent, 27, describes herself as “your petite curvy bestie” and regularly shares […]

I’m trolled for being fat but I don’t care – I love my belly jiggle and the way my bingo wings flap in the breeze

Cecilia took to Instagram as she shared a video of everything she loves about being "fat"

A SELF-DESCRIBED fat woman has insisted she doesn’t care when she’s trolled, because she loves everything about her curves. Cecilia is no stranger to sharing videos and pictures of her curvy figure on her social […]

Kylie Jenner caught in ‘lie’ after she admits ‘nice ladies’ from $36m LA mansion’s staff really take care of her garden

Kylie Jenner slipped when revealing who really takes care of her garden

KYLIE Jenner has been slammed for planting a lie about who really takes care of her massive garden. The Kardashians star has long contended that she is a hands-on gardener. 5 Kylie Jenner slipped when […]

ACE FREHLEY Teases His New Song ‘Cherry Medicine’: ‘Share This One To Show We Don’t Care!’

ACE FREHLEY Shares Title Track Of '10,000 Volts' Solo Album

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has shared a teaser for the song “Cherry Medicine” from his upcoming solo album, “10,000 Volts”. In an accompanying message, he wrote: “Woke up to a bunch of texts this […]

9 Companies That Know You Hate Them and Don’t Care

9 Companies That Know You Hate Them and Don’t Care

In case you haven’t had a chance to check out Banksy’s art, you might not understand that corporations are bad. What happens, though, when that worm turns, and the Banksy-inspired light goes on that corporations […]

Christian Bale Builds Foster Care Home Community To Keep Siblings Together

Christian Bale Builds Foster Care Home Community To Keep Siblings Together

Bruce Wayne would be proud. Christian and Sibi Bale yesterday helped break ground on Together California, a new foster care community in Palmdale co-founded by the couple and Eric Esrailian. (Esrailian produced The Promise, which starred […]

I’m an itty bitty girl & haven’t shaved in months – men call me ‘gross’ but I don’t care, some can’t even grow a beard

Cherry proudly shows off her body hair online

A WOMAN who described herself as an “itty bitty hairy girl” has hit back at cruel trolls who judge her for not shaving. Cherry, from Seattle, US, regularly takes to social media to promote body […]

I’m a mum-of-two at 22 – trolls slam me for being a young parent and say it’s ‘sad’ and ‘not a flex’, but I don’t care

A pregnant mum-of-two has revealed that trolls say it's 'sad' that she has become a mother at the age of 22

A WOMAN has revealed that she is a mum-of-two at the age of 22.  Alondra Jackson has identical twin daughters with her partner Travis Levar Humphrey Jr, and the couple are currently pregnant and expecting […]

QVC’s Kim Gravel begs fans to ‘take care of you’ in ‘powerful’ video after suffering ‘paralysis’ due to Bell’s palsy

Kim Gravel encouraged fans to look after themselves in a new video

KIM Gravel has shared wise words with fans in a new video amid her health crisis. The QVC star spoke about self-care while promoting her new makeup line on Instagram on Monday. 5 Kim Gravel […]