Save Ferris’ Monique Powell on “Come on Eileen”: Podcast

Save Ferris' Monique Powell on "Come on Eileen": Podcast

 Listen via: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | More Platforms Ska truly began to break into the mainstream in the ’90s, s. And yet, even during that great ska boom, only a handful of bands had an actual radio […]

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard posts ‘sad vibes’ video after filing for divorce from Parker Ferris saying ‘don’t know what to do’

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard posted a recent video expressing she was sad that she was home without her daughter

YOUTUBER Aspyn Ovard has posted a video home from the hospital days after filing for divorce from her husband, Parker Ferris. Ovard, 28, told her fans on Tuesday that her newborn daughter was born prematurely […]

YouTuber Aspyn Ovard, 28, files for divorce from husband Parker Ferris just days after giving birth to their third child

Influencer Aspyn Ovard, 28, has filed for divorce from her husband Parker Ferris, according to records exclusively obtained by The U.S. Sun

A UTAH influencer has filed for divorce on the same day she shared a heartwarming video of her husband in the hospital celebrating the birth of their third child. Aspyn Ovard filed a petition to […]

Matthew Broderick Makes Peace with Ferris Bueller

Matthew Broderick Makes Peace with Ferris Bueller

Matthew Broderick knows his decades-long legacy as an actor will be summed up in two words. No, not “Tony Award.” Not “Emmy nominee.” Not even “SJP’s husband.” No, when cinephiles look back on the career […]