Disney Plus’s ‘Skip Intro’ button is bright, intrusive — and doesn’t even work

A man kneeling to tinker with an object in a dimly lit room as a rectangular droid looks on curiously from behind him.

Disney Plus, I hate your damn Skip Intro feature, and I wish I could stop its annoying, bright, immersion-breaking icon from popping up at the start of every show. It’s assaulting my eyes every week […]

Lego Version Of The Incredible ‘Peacemaker’ Intro (Video) – Culture – BroBible

WATCH: Lego Version Of The Incredible 'Peacemaker' Intro (Video)

Shared from brobible.com. HBO Max James Gunn’s Peacemaker became a massive hit for HBO Max. The John Cena-starring superhero show racked up the biggest single-day performance in HBO Max history. The show also boasts an instantly beloved […]

‘Peacemaker’: Jennifer Holland on Filming Dance Intro – Television


Shared from www.indiewire.com The actress emphasized that the entire cast had to learn the dance and perform it in sync: “It’s not like they pasted us together in post.” HBO Max You can love “Peacemaker.” […]

How ‘Peacemaker’s Intro Foreshadowed The Whole Season – Cracked.com | Articles

John Cena in Peacemaker intro sequence.

Shared from www.cracked.com Continue Reading Below As for those amazing dance moves themselves, it’s been pointed out that the choreography sure looks a lot like the movement of the ships in the game Space Invaders, […]