Gisele’s Boyfriend Helped Her Through Tom Brady Roast Jokes

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Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have been divorced since 2022 but with two children together they’re obviously very much a part of each other’s lives as stability is the hallmark of a stable household. That said, new details in a report about Gisele‘s boyfriend sounds like she’s fully moved on from Tom Brady.

An unnamed source spoke with Entertainment Tonight about how Gisele’s boyfriend, a jiu-jitsu instructor named Joaquim Valente, helped her move past the brutal jokes at Tom Brady’s roast including the ones that were lobbed at the Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor.

The reported ‘insider’ says “Gisele was upset and hurt by some of the jokes about her, her relationship with (boyfriend) Joaquim (Valente), and her marriage to Tom during the roast.”

They also said that “Joaquim has been there for Gisele and they have a nice, supportive relationship. Gisele is still taking things one day at a time and is protective of herself and her well-being, and more importantly, her kids’ well-being. She is trying to be thoughtful when navigating next steps and is continuing to appreciate the loving relationship in front of her.”

I didn’t know it was possible to say so much without saying anything at all. Did anyone let her know that she simply didn’t have to watch the Tom Brady Roast if she didn’t want to hear all of the hilarious jokes that were based on real life events? Regardless of the scant details, it sure sounds like Gizele has completely moved on from her life with Tom aside from their ongoing co-parenting.

According to People, Gisele and Joaquim Valente have been officially dating since June 2023.

While none of the specific jokes were called out by the unnamed insider. One must wonder how Joaquim and Gisele felt about Kevin Hart saying “you know who also f—– their coach? Gisele, she f—– her karate coach. Tom, how did you not see this coming? Eight karate classes a day?”

Nobody forced Gisele to watch the roast, right? Why subject yourself to something you know was going to have jokes made at your expense? Tom Brady got paid $$$$$$ for it at least.

Meanwhile, Tom Brady is said to be ‘doing his best’ in the aftermath of it all:

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