Lainey Wilson splits pants mid-concert at Faster Horses Festival as singer jokes fans ‘almost got a real show!’

Lainey Wilson split her pants on July 20 at the Faster Horses Festival in Michigan

COUNTRY singer Lainey Wilson halted her most recent concert when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction on stage. She headlined the Faster Horses Festival in Michigan on July 20 when she was forced to sit down. […]

Shania Twain hugs massive tree on stage and jokes ‘it feels real and big’ as fans gush ‘this moment is so iconic’

Shania Twain performed live at BST Hyde Park on July 7, 2024, in London, England

SHANIA Twain grasped the audience’s attention at her July 2024 show in London. Fans of the country music icon didn’t hesitate to comment on her Instagram page. 4 Shania Twain performed live at BST Hyde […]

When Actors Walked Off Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movie Over “Totally Disrespectful To Elders & Native Women” Jokes

When Actors Walked Off Adam Sandler Movie Over Offensive Jokes

Actors Walked Off Adam Sandler Movie Over Offensive Jokes. (Photo Credit – Instagram) In 2015, Adam Sandler’s Western spoof Ridiculous 6 received some negative attention when a dozen Native American actors walked off set over […]

Steve Carell Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Michael Scott’s ‘That’s What She Said’ Jokes

Steve Carell Reveals Why He Doesn't Like Michael Scott's 'That's What She Said' Jokes

Carell even added that he avoids signing an autograph with the punchline made famous by his character, “I just can’t, I can’t abide by that sort of thing.” Steve Carell wants to set things straight […]

One Tree Hill alum James Lafferty jokes he ‘had to shave in all the right places’ for American Eagle ‘thirst trap’ ads

One Tree Hill's James Lafferty stripped down for some racy photos

ONE Tree Hill’s James Lafferty stripped off for an American Eagle advertisement campaign which were released in May. The 38-year-old actor joked that he had to maintain a perfect image before he posed for the […]

Billie Eilish reveals she was ‘underwater for six hours’ for album cover and jokes about ‘almost dying’ on photoshoots

Billie Eilish revealed in a new interview that she was strapped down in the water to capture her album's cover art

BILLIE Eilish has opened up about the great lengths she went to for the cover of her new album, Hit Me Hard and Soft. The 22-year-old singer has been on the road promoting the album’s […]

Jennifer Garner, 52, jokes she could ‘probably have a baby right now’ as mom of three ‘was born to breed’

Jennifer Garner joked that she could probably have another baby right now

ACTRESS Jennifer Garner has joked that she could probably have another baby right now at the age of 52. The 13 Going on 30 star discussed being a mother, being a daughter, childbirth, parenting, and […]

Gisele Bündchen Upset At ‘Irresponsible’ Jokes About Her Marriage During Roast

Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen was reportedly left “deeply disappointed” after her marriage to retired quarterback Tom Brady was brought up as a topic of ridicule in a Netflix Roast show. The couple’s divorce has come under […]

Khloe Kardashian jokes brother Rob ‘donated sperm’ for her son Tatum as fans can’t believe she ‘said that out loud’

Khloe Kardashian joked about the possibility of her brother Rob being the father of her son, Tatum, after noting their uncanny resemblance

KHLOE Kardashian has made Tristan Thompson take three paternity tests after noting how much her son resembles her brother. The Kardashians star admitted to needing evidence that her ex Tristan, 33, was the father of […]