Freewheelin’ to fame – the untold story of Bob Dylan’s iconic VW van | Bob Dylan

The 1963 VW van for which Jack Ubaldi traded the Dylan cover van, manufactured in 1961.

New York City’s Greenwich Village has always been a magnet for outsiders, artists and poets. In 1963, one of those types was Bob Dylan, a kid from Minnesota who had felt the pull of the […]

‘It speaks straight from the heart’: Bryan Ferry, Adele and Engelbert Humperdinck on Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love | Bob Dylan

Adele performing at the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, 24 October 2021.

When Adele covered Bob Dylan’s Make You Feel My Love on her debut album 19, her interpretation was a sparse piano ballad that exuded tortured romantic longing. “The lyrics are just amazing and summed up […]

How Bob Dylan’s ‘Time Out of Mind’ revived his career

A man plays guitar while seated on a couch.

A quarter of a century ago, Bob Dylan found vital new life in an album about death’s inexorable approach. “I’m walking through streets that are dead,” the rock ’n’ roll legend sang — wheezed, really […]

‘My heart is racing, I’m terrified’: Cat Power on recreating Bob Dylan’s infamous 1966 ‘electric’ gig | Cat Power

Wired for sound … Bob Dylan performing at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester in 1966.

Recently, Chan Marshall was driving to a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles. It was days before she was heading to Europe for a run of dates that includes a night at the Royal Albert Hall, […]

Alis Lesley: the ‘female Elvis’ who takes centre stage on Bob Dylan’s new book cover | Bob Dylan

Alis Lesley pictured in Australia, 1957.

In the early days of modern US pop music, female artists struggled to achieve the recognition of their male counterparts. So a new marketing trope emerged. It labelled jazz trumpeter Ernestine “Tiny” Davis as “the […]

Bob Dylan’s One-of-a-Kind Version of “Blowin’ in the Wind” Sells for $1.7 Million at Christie’s

Bob Dylan in Shadow Kingdom

Last year, Bob Dylan recorded a new version of his iconic 1962 song “Blowin’ in the Wind” with producer and longtime collaborator T Bone Burnett. The updated track was then etched onto a one-of-a-kind Ionic […]