Married To Medicine Season 10 Reunion Trailer & Looks

Married To Medicine

The ladies of Married To Medicine are preparing for their three-part reunion and an explosive trailer features flirty floral frocks, a newbie vs. a doc, and an ex making an appearance.

Source: Clifton Prescod/Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

On Sunday, March 3, the ladies of #M2M and Andy Cohen will recap the decade-long show about doctors and doctors’ wives that will soon wrap a super shady season.

Bravo reports that all of the ladies were in attendance at the reunion; Toya Bush-Harris, Dr. Heavenly Kimes, Dr. Jackie Walters, Dr. Simone Whitmore, and Miss Qud as well as new cast members Phaedra Parks, Lateasha Lunceford, and Dr. Alicia Egolum.

The reunion set was designed to replicate Toya’s cast trip to Napa Valley and the ladies dressed like they were ready for an elaborate garden party.

Despite all of the ladies being gussied up and gorgeous, that didn’t stop the shade as the reunion trailer shows Sweet Tea laying into Heavenly after months of tension.

“You been talking s*** out of the side of your got damn neck!” says Dr. G’s wife to the dentist.

Phaedra is then seen discussing her fallout with Quad. According to the former #RHOA star, she seemingly abandoned Quad who aided in getting her on the show for good reason.

“Why would I attach myself to the Titanic?” she asks.

Elsewhere in the trailer, the husbands enter the mix including Dr. G who is asked to address rumors that he previously dated Phaedra.

According to him while they hit it off, nothing physical happened–except for in his imagination.

“Not in real life,” says the psychiatrist. “Only in your mind,” responds Andy.

Phaedra then addresses the allegations that she asked Gregory to give her $4,000 a month so they could date.

“Should I lie? I’mma give you this $4,000, and then we could have got together, and then right now you never know,” he alleges she said.

Then things get a bit more serious when cheating allegations are brought up against Dr. Heavenly’s husband, Dr. Damon, and later, Quad is seen bursting into tears.

“I want to hear from Quad,” says Andy before Dr. Simone explodes with allegations that Quad is a liar.

Before the trailer ends, things especially spicy because Phaedra’s ex Apollo Nida pops up marking his Married To Medicine debut. The previously incarcerated father of the lawyer’s two children looks happy to be back and Andy looks ready to pepper him with questions.

Take a look at the Married To Medicine reunion trailer below.


The Married to Medicine Season 10 finale premieres on Bravo on February 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The Married to Medicine Season 10 reunion Parts One, Two, and Three air on Bravo on March 3, March 10, and March 17, respectively, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. All episodes are available next day on Peacock.

Married To Medicine Reunion Air Dates

The Married To Medicine reunion airs on March 4, March 10, and March 17. See what to expect via Bravo below:

“Reunion Part One” airs March 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

Host Andy Cohen reflects on some of the season’s biggest moments as the ladies come together in Part One of the three-part Married to Medicine reunion. The ladies hold Phaedra’s feet to the fire and find out how she really feels. Heavenly and Sweet Tea face-off, while Jackie faces a shocking revelation. Quad’s relationship with the women reaches a breaking point.

“Reunion Part Two” airs March 10 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  

Quad continues to try to make amends, but is it too little too late? Sweet Tea makes accusations against Heavenly and Damon. Alicia joins the ladies and defends her husband. The men arrive on stage and Kema is asked to explain himself. A surprise guest shocks everyone.

“Reunion Part Three” airs March 17 at 9 p.m. ET/PT  


Apollo Nida joins the cast on stage and reveals what the last five years have been like for him. The ladies break down the couple’s trip and 10 years of Married to Medicine. Dr. Simone and Dr. Jackie are put to the test over Dr. Heavenly’s meddling. The truth comes out about Dr. G and Phaedra.


Now that you know when to tune in, take a look at the Married To Medicine Season 10 reunion looks on the flip!






Married To Medicine Season 10 Reunion Looks

As the ladies marked a decade of friendship, feuds, and fun as medical professionals and doctors’ wives, they got gussied up and gorgeous in gowns of various colors and styles to talk to Bravo boss Andy Cohen.

Several of the ladies donned long trains and flaunted their figures in curve-caressing gowns, while others opted for leg-baring cocktail dresses.

Married To Medicine Reunion Looks

Source: Clifton Prescod/Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

As we wait to see what goes down during the chat, take a look at the ladies’ fashionable frocks via BravoTV below.

Dr. Heavenly Kimes

Dr. Heavenly was very proud of her gorgeous green reunion look.

Married To Medicine

Source: Clifton Prescod/Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo


“I think we came up with something beautiful for a beautiful lady,” she told


Dress: Brides By Nona; shoes: Christian Louboutin; jewelry: Tiffany’s; hair: Theo Barrett; makeup: Latisha Chancey; fashion stylist: Lashae Hardin; inspiration/vibe: “Garden party.” 


Toya Bush-Harris

Dr. Eugene’s entrepreneur wife Toya Bush-Harris told backstage about the isnpo for her look.

Married To Medicine Season 10 Reunion

Source: Clifton Prescod/Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

“Today I’m giving babydoll,” she said.

Dress: Nicole + Felicia Couture; shoes: Mach & Mach; jewelry: Van Cleef & Arpels, Cartier, Chanel earrings; hair: Keiashia Stanley; makeup: George Miguel; Fashion Stylist: Toya Bush-Harris & Craig Janifer







Miss Quad

“Miss Quad, Miss Quad, she [still] got it, she got it!”

Married To Medicine

Source: Clifton Prescod/Jocelyn Prescod / Bravo

Quad came to the reunion dressed to kill in Carolina Herrera.

“I’m giving garden goddess,” Quad shared backstage with of her floral yellow gown. “The set will be the vineyard [and] I’m gonna be the grape, I will not be a raisin!”

Quad’s makeup artist Nicole also told Bravo that Quad’s glam was “playing off the dress,” evoking  a “vibrant” style but “not too dramatic.”

Likewise, hairstylist Walter said the team went for a “blonde bombshell-type look” and opted for a “messy updo” style to make sure the dress took center stage.

Dress: Carolina Herrera; shoes: Jimmy Choo; jewelry: House Of Emmanuel; hair: Walter; makeup: Gina Nicole; fashion Stylist: Jeremy Haynes



Lateasha Lunceford

Sweet Tea was lovely in lavender for her first reunion.

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