Fans Claim Bianca Censori’s Disneyland Outfit Violates The ‘Dress Code’

Kanye West & Bianca Censori at Miami's LIV nightclub

Bianca Censori and Kanye West recently enjoyed a whimsical Disneyland trip. The model opted for a more modest outfit than usual. However, she did not wear shoes and instead bandaged her feet.

Censori’s daring fashion choices have always sparked controversy, with her latest outfit raising eyebrows. People online questioned why the 29-year-old was allowed into the park despite allegedly violating its “dress code.”

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Bianca Censori And Kanye West Took A Trip To Disneyland

Bianca Censori and Kanye West recently went on a whimsical Disneyland adventure. The Australian beauty chose an outfit that was more modest than her usual style; however, it still showed off her curves and some skin.

For the theme park date, Censori donned a beige bodysuit paired with a stylish tan wrap draped over it. She confidently roamed the theme park barefoot, with only bandages adorning her feet. Meanwhile, West sported an all-white ensemble, including his shoes.

Despite her unconventional footwear choice, Censori appeared to be in a good mood, sharing laughs with her husband as they explored the park’s attractions.

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The A-list couple indulged in classic Disney attractions for visitors and were at the park for hours. They also enjoyed VIP treatment by taking alternate paths to avoid the crowd and get to the front of rides.

In a scene captured on camera, a Disney staff member guided West and Censori through the themed wonderland while a vigilant security guard ensured their privacy amid the bustling crowds.

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Fans Claim Bianca Censori Was Allowed Into The Park Because Of ‘Rich Privilege’

Over on TikTok, netizens were enraged about the model’s outfit, with many claiming they had been turned away from the park for wearing more modest clothing.

One person wrote, “My husband had to buy a shirt because they said his tank top was too revealing at Disney. How is her outfit okay?”

Another user replied, “Exactly!! That’s [bulls–t]. Why does the dress code not matter for this lady?”

A third person noted that the couple showed “no regard” or “respect” for children at the park.

Another commented, “I can’t believe that was allowed with children. Rich privilege.”

A fifth user simply noted, “Money talks.”

One more individual stated, “I know damn well if any of us showed up with no shoes and wrapped like this, we wouldn’t be able to go into Disneyland.”

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Bianca Censori’s Daring Fashion Style Is An Expression Of Her ‘Performance Art’


Since marrying West in December 2022, Censori has embraced an unconventional approach to fashion. The Yeezy architect frequently steps out in daring ensembles, from sheer dresses to lace bras paired with tights.

Censori’s risqué looks have sparked a flurry of attention and criticism, with some critics labeling her husband, West, as “controlling” for allegedly influencing his wife’s wardrobe choices.

However, insiders close to the controversial couple refute claims of manipulation, asserting to Page Six that Censori’s fashion statements are simply expressions of her creativity and “performance art.”

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“People are confusing Bianca’s creativity,” the insider explained. “She is a phenomenal personality, a phenomenal actor, who can entertain the public. She’s a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is.”

Bianca Censori Steps Out In Sheer ‘Condom’ Dress

Kanye West Calls Wife Bianca Censori The Most 'Amazing Stepmom' With '140 IQ'
Instagram | Kanye West

Before their Disney adventure, Censori and West stepped out for dinner on Sunday at Bacari in Silver Lake, CA.

Making a bold fashion statement yet again, the 29-year-old rocked a sheer strapless dress that hugged her curves, leaving little to the imagination as she appeared to go without undergarments.

What caught everyone’s attention was the unconventional material of Censori’s dress, which resembled a plastic shower curtain or condom. To add a pop of color, she paired the daring ensemble with neon pink tights and matching heels.

Censori walked hand in hand with West, who opted for an all-black ensemble, completely covered up in trainers, baggy pants, sunglasses, and a baggy jacket.

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Body Language Expert Says Bianca Censori Seems to Be Leading Kanye West

Kanye West & Bianca Censori leaving their hotel during Paris Fashion Week

According to body language expert Judi James, West’s covered-up look suggests he had an “apparent allergy to being visible in public,” while his wife appears to be taking charge of their outing.

Speaking to The Mirror, James said that despite Censori’s eye-catching sheer dress, her body language exudes confidence and leadership, with West seemingly deferring to her.

James noted, “Despite wearing a sheer dress that looks inspired by a giant condom, Bianca’s body language here somehow manages to make it look as though she’s actually taking the lead on this outing while Kanye’s apparent allergy to being visible in public is defined by his total cover-up black baggies and his worried-looking glances at the press.”

“They have clasped hands here and their fingers are meshed in a gesture that normally implies closeness,” James continued. “Kanye’s hand is on top in the clasp which should suggest dominance but the way Bianca’s hand is cupped and scooped upward and the way she is slightly ahead in one of these poses hints she might be the one leading him here.”

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