I ‘Felt Fearful For My Life’

triangle shaped undefined flying object ufo


While the United States government claims it is going to be more transparent with regards to UFO reports (we’re still waiting for that to actually happen), more and more people are coming forward with their own personal accounts of encounters with unidentified flying objects.

One of those people recently shared his UFO experience and said that the incident affected him so much that he “hasn’t felt the same” since.

“Last year, I think I had my first real-time UFO encounter,” the person recently wrote on Reddit.

“I would like to establish that I live in a trailer park in North Carolina. It’s a quiet area not much goes on at all here and from my knowledge. There are no air bases or anything like that around either.”

North Carolina is a well-known hotspot for UFO sightings.

According to the witness, it was around 8 p.m. and dark outside when he spotted the UFO.

“The park has this place where they put everybody’s mailbox, which is where I was around at the time I decided to look up to where the mailbox place is and see three red lights,” he continued.

“They weren’t bright but definitely had an aura and glow to them. None of them were blinking like planes or anything like that. They were in an upside-down triangle position.

“Two of them stood still and the one on the top left corner of the triangle started moving to the left and then back to the right and stopped back in perfect position.

“Almost like it was trying to show me something. They sat there for I wanna say around three minutes and then just ended up fading and dimming away.”

The witness says during the UFO sighting he felt a “feeling of dread” and that he “felt fearful” for his life.

“Felt like there was a higher power,” he said. “After they faded away I went back in my house and never told anybody about this experience.”

He would go on to write, “I feel like I sound crazy but I just haven’t felt the same since that encounter and really needed to tell someone even if it’s some random people online.”

Perhaps surprisingly, several people could relate to what he experienced.

“I had a sighting when I was in college and I felt very much the same way,” one person commented.

“You will find that you absolutely are not crazy or alone,” read another comment. “This s— has happened to literally hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of people at this point.”

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