Emily Skye In Workout Gear Trains With Fiancé Declan Redmond

Emily Skye In Workout Gear Trains With Fiancé Declan Redmond

Australian fitness influencer Emily Skye isn’t afraid to get a little silly in her social media posts. Skye, 39, shared a video of herself wearing green shorts and a white sports bra, working out with fiancé Declan Redmond. “Dec & I trained in our garage together today. It’s been 1 week of being consistent with my training & nutritious diet & I’m already feeling the difference! My FIT App ROCKS! 🙌🏼😃 Which is it, “when couples train together, they:,” she captioned the post, inviting followers to complete her sentence. Skye is open and honest about her fitness journey, making her a great authority on all things wellness. Here’s what her training routine looks like.


Skye focuses on her mental health as well as physical. “I really like to focus on breath work and it’s something that I’ve been doing for a while and has worked wonders for me,” she told Authority Magazine. “It’s all about focusing on deep slow diaphragmatic breaths and slow controlled exhales. If I begin to start feeling a little stressed and overwhelmed this is my go-to method to help me through it.”

Skye no longer does grueling cardio sessions. “I love what lifting weights does for me mentally and physically,” she told DuJour. “When I first started going to the gym several years ago I thought that in order to get “toned” I had to do hours of cardio. I was SO wrong luckily as I personally find long cardio sessions boring haha! I now get in the gym, do either a strength session or HIIT session involving weight lifting or sprint intervals and my gym session usually only goes for 20-45 mins.”

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Skye says pampering herself is self-care. “It really could be anything from getting your hair done to getting your nails done,” she told Authority Magazine. “There are many ways you can physically treat yourself to help you feel better about yourself. While there’s tangible things you can do for yourself, I feel that the mental aspect of feeling beautiful is equally, if not more important.”

Skye recommends Brene Brown for anyone in need of inspiration. “Brene Brown’s words have had a really big impact on me,” she told Authority Magazine. “To this day, if I feel the need for a bit of a pick-me-up, I will go and watch her Ted Talks, listen to her audio books or watch her various YouTube videos. I would strongly advise anyone who feels a little lost and unhappy to go search her workout. It’s some of the best self-development material and advice you’ll ever hear.”

Skye has good advice for people struggling with their fitness routine.  “I always tell people to find exercise that they enjoy and mix it up,” she told DuJour. “If you’re feeling bored, you’re not motivated to train or you’ve reached a plateau then do something different. It can be anything that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up. If you hate going to the gym – don’t! Get outdoors and play a sport, go for a bike ride, run, hike, rock climbing, swimming, rollerblading – anything!”

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