Woman Filmed Taking Selfie With Huge Yellowstone Bison

Yellowstone bison crossing path

iStockphoto / Melissa Kopka

A tourist in Yellowstone National Park was filmed taking a selfie just feet away from an enormous bison.

It is hard to overstate how catastrophic this encounter could have been. She was in very real danger of being gored by the Yellowstone bison which in turn put the bison‘s life at risk because it would have led to the animal being euthanized.

Another tourist nearby filmed the encounter as the woman posed in front of the Yellowstone bison trying to snap the perfect selfie.

The ABC 7 news anchors rip apart her dangerous behavior and the person who filmed the video says “they were in disbelief” over what they witnessed.

Bison attacks are rare but putting yourself mere feet from one of these 2,000-pound animals elevates the risk exponentially.

In the 14 years between 1992 and 1978 only 56 people were attacked at Yellowstone which is home to one of the most robust bison populations in the USA.

Nationwide there is an average of 3.73 bison incidents per year. But there has been a rise in attacks recently as more Americans have been visiting State and National Parks.

A woman was gored by a bison in Texas last October. After the incident, she outlined the ‘rule of thumb’ for maintaining a safe distance.

‘The Thumb Rule’ helps people keep a recommended 50-yard distance away. If you hold your thumb up and you cannot cover the bison then you are too close to the animal at risk of a potential bison attack, should things go south.


Replying to @brendita707 Bison Etiquette 101: Lesson 2 Personal Space. Many have said I was too close. Even with a camera on zoom, it was too close. I was never trying to get closer. But bison need their personal space.

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Always exercise caution when in the presence of wild animals. Especially when those wild animals weigh several thousand pounds.

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