NCT release new concert film ‘NCT NATION : To The World in Cinemas’


Fans of K-pop supergroup NCT are in for a treat this festive season, with the news that the bands concert film NCT NATION: To The World in Cinemas will be released in theatres later this month!

Scheduled to be shown on both December 6th, and December 10th, 2023, the movie features a live recording of the historic, inaugural NCT group concert NCT NATION : To The World held on August 26th at the Incheon Munhak Stadium in South Korea.

Notably, the live extravaganza marked NCT’s first full-group offline performance since their debut in 2016, showcasing collective and individual team stages that stirred “significant excitement”.

Filmed using over 18 different cameras, each dedicated to capturing various angles, and providing a vivid portrayal of the concert’s energy, as well as behind-the-scenes moments, NCT NATION : To The World in Cinemas will be released in over 60 countries worldwide.

The event is presented in cinemas in South Korea by CJ 4DPLEX, in Japan by AVEX Pictures, and by Trafalgar Releasing in the rest of world.

Tickets are available now.

NCT NATION : To The World in Cinemas | Official Trailer

Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing said: “Following our successful 2022 theatrical event release NCT DREAM THE MOVIE : In A DREAM, we are excited to work together with the group once again, this time bringing all current units together in an unmissable cinema event for fans to experience around the world. As one of the leading lights in K-pop, we look forward to presenting the group’s awe-inspiring concert on a global scale.”

With Jong Ryeol Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX adding: “Following last year’s NCT DREAM, we are pleased to present a concert of NCT NATION in both ScreenX and 4DX format. Furthermore, we aspire to deliver the value of ‘experiencing’ movies with ScreenX and 4DX not only to global K-POP fans but also to general moviegoers.”

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