My neighbor blocks me in every day as he hates how ‘loud’ my car is – people say it’s enough to get him towed

'What would you do in my situation,' he asked viewers

A CAR owner has expressed serious annoyance over their neighbor who specifically adjusts the way they park to spite them.

The TikTok creator regularly posts about cars on his account as he’s the proud owner of a Supercharged Lexus RC350 that he likes to show off.


‘What would you do in my situation,’ he asked viewersCredit: tiktok/donovannnn_80
The driver says he tries to be the bigger person


The driver says he tries to be the bigger personCredit: tiktok/donovannnn_80

Donovan (@donovannnn_80) captioned the video about how his neighbor parks in front of him: “Anyone else hate their neighbors…?”

In the clip, he showed his Lexus parked in a spot.

“My neighbor complains about how loud my car is,” the text stated.

“So he parks like this every day.”

The creator’s video displayed a white cross-over BMW vehicle parked very close to his.

“I try to be the bigger person,” the screen text added.

“But I’m not sure how much longer I can do that.”

Donovan showed that he couldn’t even walk through the space left between his and his neighbor’s vehicles.

“What would you do in my situation,” he asked viewers.

The clip has received nearly 8,000 likes.

It’s a warzone out here,’ says neighbor slamming driver for ‘engulfing the sidewalk and extending the street’ with car

“Those tires look a little overinflated help the man out,” a viewer said in the comments.

“Get him towed he isn’t parked legally,” another person suggested.

“Take pictures and show it to the property management,” someone added.

“So basically he parks close to make the sound of the exhaust echo even more real smart neighbors right,” a user said.

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