Michael Che Invites Rabbi to Sit In on SNL’s Year-End Joke Swap

Michael Che Invites Rabbi to Sit In on SNL's Year-End Joke Swap

SNL wrapped up its 49th season this weekend and, as per tradition, Weekend Update anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che marked the occasion with their annual joke swap. The funny segment sees the duo exchange jokes they’ve written for the other that neither of them has seen before going on air. In a special Christmas joke swap earlier this season, Che added a new wrinkle by bringing out an civil rights activist named Dr. Hattie Davis (who unbeknownst to Jost was actually an actor). Che pulled a similar bit for this weekend’s swap.

“Last time we did this, I had an actress who pretended to be a civil rights hero, and that was low. To make it up to you, this time I invited an actual practicing rabbi.” Che proceeded to have Jost read jokes about Harvey Weinstein, Rabbi Jill controlling the weather, and space lasers (the latter of which also involved the usage of a puppet). There was also a joke about Jost’s wife, Scarlett Johansson, for good measure.

Jost did get a good few licks in on Che, including having him antagonize Kendrick Lamar into a rap beef.

Last night episode, which was hosted by Jake Gyllenhaal, marked the end of Saturday Night Live’s 49th season. There are already big plans in store for season 50, including a three-hour primetime special and an origin movie.

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