GTA 5 Data Leak Reveals Cut Story DLC, Bully 2 Reference

GTA 5 Data Leak Reveals Cut Story DLC, Bully 2 Reference

Image via Rockstar Games.

A recent database leak seems to confirm that Rockstar Games did once have plans to create single-player DLC for Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), as well as lending credence to reports that a Bully sequel was once in the works.

As initially reported by VGC, fans have dug into the leaked contents of a program database of the ten-year-old game to unearth extra details. It’s worth noting that the projects hinted at are very likely not current as the age of the database is unknown.

First, and arguably the more interesting piece of information, is that Rockstar was working on single-player DLC for GTA 5. X user @billysliamgta points to a string connecting the character of Trevor with a jetpack (the latter of which never officially made it into the offline version of GTA 5). They go on to suggest the content was reworked into The Doomsday Heist update for GTA Online, which arrived in December 2017.

Separately, the same user posted what appears to be a series of unique identifiers for various Rockstar Games projects within the database. Multiple versions of GTA 5 are present, as are what appear to be identifiers for Red Dead Redemption 2, Midnight Club: Los Angeles, Max Payne 3, and the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. Also among them are codes for ‘jimmy’, which likely alludes to 2006’s Bully, and ‘bully2’ — a long-rumored sequel that still hasn’t seen the light of day.

A version of Bully 2 is reported to have been in development around 2009 at Rockstar New England, though that project was canceled in 2010. A separate report indicates that Bully 2 was worked on at the same studio between 2010 and 2013.

The final revelation (so far) from the database leak related to the once-planned Cops N’ Crooks title update for Grand Theft Auto Online, which appears to include plans for features like flashbang grenades, a breach mechanic, and various roles for players to assume in the mode.

Of course, there’s every chance those ideas could still see the light of day, with the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 certain to deliver a huge update to Grand Theft Auto Online. We’ll very likely learn more about those plans alongside the new game’s debut trailer next month.

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