Danielle Peazer in Workout Gear Asks “What’s Stopping You?”

Danielle Peazer in Workout Gear Asks “What’s Stopping You?”

Fitness influencer Danielle Peazer is reminding followers how even just a little bit of movement can improve your mood and attitude. Peazer shared a video of herself wearing black jogging pants and a matching tank top, doing a “silly” dance to work through some emotions. “The only thing that I know how to do is to move through it, not only mentally, but also physically. There’s so much more to a wiggle than just doing a ‘silly little dance’ – it really can change your mood and set you onto a different path for your day, something that we can all benefit from time to time. So I guess the point of this post is to ask you…have you wiggled today and released unwanted emotions? If not, what’s stopping you?” she captioned the post. Here’s Peazer’s approach to wellness, fitness, and a fulfilling life.

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Peazer created her 12-week Body Plan to represent what training looks like for a dancer. “As a dancer I have to constantly switch up my style of movement and that is reflective in the Body Plan as it is never just one style of workout for the whole week. “There is a bit of barre, HIIT, bodyweight and stretching and mobility in there,” she told Hello!. “I get bored doing just one thing all of the time so the workouts really challenge your body to switch up the areas you’re working on and shock them in a way that they might not be used to.”

Peazer enjoys a balanced, common-sense diet with few restrictions. “I have a balanced diet, I love fruit and vegetables and eating fresh meals and would be lying if I said I didn’t love pizza and pasta,” she told Hello!. That’s why we included a mac n cheese and wholemeal pizza in the Plan! I have never dieted or restricted myself from eating something that I want. The whole point of life is to enjoy it so if I want to enjoy some cake or fast food I will. It just means I have to workout a little harder to maintain my physique.”

Peazer loves the positive effect her favorite playlist has on her workouts. “Music massively helps me when I work out,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “I always listen to music that makes me feel pumped and ready to work out; it’s an instant energiser and is actually proven to make you work out harder!”

Peazer relies on weekly treatments to keep her hair healthy. “I don’t currently take any supplements for my hair or skin, I have done in the past and wouldn’t rule it out for the future but I like to give it a break and allow my skin and hair to develop naturally,” she told Women Fitness. “I use hair masks about once a week as I have a lot of heat styling on my hair so have to look after it as much as possible.”

Peazer allows herself time to rest and recuperate during the week. “I always allow myself to have rest days,” she told Cosmopolitan UK. “These don’t have to be complete do-nothing days – it’s totally up to you – but if you still fancy being active, just do something low-impact or less intensity, like yoga. Rest days are so important to me and helps my body recover and helps keep me mentally focused.”

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