When Nicki Minaj Was Accused Of Being Part Of Bloods Gang & Hired Gangsters To Threaten Her Husband’s Accuser In $20 Million Lawsuit

Nicki Minaj & Her Husband Were Once Accused Of Being Gangbangers

Nicki Minaj & Her Husband Were Once Accused Of Being Gangbangers
When Nicki Minaj & Her Husband Were Accused Of Hiring Gangsters To Threaten The Latter’s Accuser In R*pe Case(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion’s feud is all over social media and intensifies daily. Megan released her single last week, where she allegedly took a jibe at Nicki and her partner Kenneth Petty over a r*pe case that took place in the early 1990s. Petty was accused and convicted of attempted r*pe on a woman named Jennifer Hough, and in the court documents, it was claimed that Nicki and Petty were part of the Bloods gang in New York.

For the unversed, in 1994, Petty was charged with attempted r*pe by Hough, and in 2021, she opened up about the terrifying things that took place earlier. She alleged that Petty held her at gunpoint and, forced her to get inside his house and forced himself on Hough. Nicki’s partner was convicted and served in prison for four years. She also claimed that in 2020, Minaj tried to retract her case and even alleged that one of her associates put $20,000 on her lap, but Hough was adamant about her decision.

As per All Hip Hop’s report, Jennifer Hough and her lawyer sued Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty. The lawsuit was worth $20 million, and as per the documents, Hough’s lawyer, Tyrone Blackburn Esq, claimed that Nicki was a member of the violent New York-based gang Makk Balla Brims. Tyrone said, “Petty and Maraj [Nicki Minaj] were both in this district, in Jamaica Queens, New York. As seen on an Instagram live video currently up on Maraj’s Instagram page, both Maraj and Petty were seen associating with members of the Makk Ballers set of the Bloods Gang. Petty and Maraj are both members of this gang.”

Tyrone also claimed, “Shortly after Petty and Maraj are spotted with their gangster colleagues, a member of the gang posted a death threat to Ms. Hough on Twitter, stating – ‘Jennifer, if you see this, the Makks are coming to get you.’” The lawsuit also alleged that Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty offered $500K to Jennifer Hough to recant her story.

What’s happening between Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj currently?

In Megan Thee Stallion‘s recent single ‘Hiss’, she allegedly referred to the the Jennifer Hough incident in her lyrics, which did not board well with Nicki Minaj. She slammed back with her Big Foot track, allegedly referencing Tory Lanez shooting on her foot. Nicki is not holding back and is going all out on her X handle.

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