Isabel LaRosa and Ari Abdul, two Latinas taking over Alternative music

Isabel LaRosa and Ari Abdul, two Latinas taking over Alternative music

A new generation of talented artists is currently rising to the top, following their path to success and showcasing their unique and distinctive sound in their own way. There is no doubt that social media has changed the format in which we consume and discover music, and with many up-and-coming musicians finding their niche, some have already cracked the code and have some incredible achievements under their belt.

Coming from Brooklyn, New York, and being raised by her Ecuadorian mom and her Costa Rican/Palestinian dad, Ari Abdul has forged her sound by using her incredibly rich cultural background. During a new interview with HOLA! USA at Lollapalooza, just minutes before her performance at one of the biggest music festivals in the world, Ari shared her experience as a multi-instrumentalist, revealing some of her biggest inspirations in music. Check out her interview!

“They both put me onto classic Spanish and Latin music in general. I remember being a kid and I used to beg my mom to put on all the Shakira music videos because I was obsessed,” she explained, adding that she was also influenced by Hip-Hop at the time. “That’s why I use so many elements,” she said, referring to her songs.

Launching her career on TikTok, opening for Suki Waterhouse, resonating with a large audience at Lollapalooza, and already preparing for her first headlining sold-out tour, Ari says that one of the most influential artists for her right now is Lana Del Rey. “I feel like her sound has deeply shaped the music I make, and so has ‘The Weeknd’ and ‘The Neighbourhood.’”

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Being raised with a “steady diet rock of classic rock and salsa,” Isabel LaRosa comes with her own aesthetic and sound, building a large fanbase and bringing her charisma and talent to the stage. “My mom is Cuban,” she shared with HOLA! USA, adding that she is “really grateful” to have grown up with Cuban and Latin rhythms, which have ultimately influenced her personal and professional life.

Isabel explained that she is proud to have found her own niche on TikTok, sharing a piece of advice to young artists who are still trying to succeed. “Write about things that are actually personal to you,” she said. “You have to learn how to be precious about things. It’s a hard line to walk because you have to be really curated about what you put out on the internet but you also have to run with it. So I would say don’t be afraid of posting things, just go for it.” Check out her interview!

The young star continues her path following an incredible performance at Lollapalooza, and staying true to her authentic Alternative sound. When it comes to her musical influences, Isabel said that some of the albums that inspired her the most were ‘Blurryface,’ by 21 Pilots, ‘Cry Baby’ by Melanie Martinez, ‘Wiped Out!’ by The Neighbourhood, and ‘When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?’ by Billie Eilish. “They have different sounds but fall into a similar category,” she added. “I take a lot of different pieces from different artists that I love and try to incorporate it into my own sound.”

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Both Isabel and Ari have unique and similar experiences. The pair have already worked together and share a passion for Alternative music. “We’ve written so much together,” she shared. “She’s been such a friend to Thomas [her brother] and I for a very long time and It kind of happened that we started making music together.” Ari went on to talk about her friendship with Isabel, explaining that she “watched her grow up,” as they met four years ago when she was 18, and Isabel 15. “It’s so incredible and I just think she’s so talented, and I feel super lucky to work with her,” Ari declared.

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