Illenium on His New Self-Titled Album and More: Podcast

Illenium on His New Self-Titled Album and More: Podcast

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Illenium joins Kyle Meredith to talk about his new self-titled album.

The DJ/songwriter, born Nicholas Miller, explains how the new record is a prequel to his first trilogy of albums, how the songs call back to early favorites of his like Linkin Park and Blink 182, and the joys of rocking out with Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker.

Miller also discusses remixing Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero,” going bigger on his latest tour, and partnering with End Overdose.

“I wanted to kind of throw it back, mainly for my fans, but also as a fun song to play out. Like an older, more synth-heavy — my older sound.” he explains. “I knew my fans would love it.”

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