Gossip’s Beth Ditto on New Album Real Power: Podcast

Gossip's Beth Ditto on New Album Real Power: Podcast

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Beth Ditto joins Kyle Meredith to talk about Gossip’s reunion album, Real Power. Listen to the new episode above, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Ditto gets into how the group decided to work with legendary producer Rick Rubin upon their reunion, as well as all of the hijinks that ensued while making the record at Rubin’s Hawaiian studio. She recalls how discussions with him were always fun and lighthearted and that he was surprisingly pleasant to disagree with. “I told him, ‘Rick, I’m gonna name this record Gender Fluids,’ and he was like ‘I’m offended,’” she says. “It’s really important to me to be able to have fun and talk and just be chill. It’s not just about being at work.”

The singer also chats about how affirming it is to see the movements for queer and trans people Gossip championed early in their career continue to grow. Ditto explains her utter joy that progress is finally being made in the mainstream conversation, while recognizing the challenges that still lie ahead.

Listen to Beth Ditto talk about Gossip’s reunion on Real Power and more above, or watch the interview below. You can also hear the artist chat about Missy Elliott’s Da Real World on The Spark Parade.

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