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Grace Mitchell

Grace Mitchell is an American-Australian singer and songwriter based in Los Angeles. Mitchell might not have the most considerable fanbase, but she does have a large following of dedicated fans who will support her projects and follow her every move on social media. Mitchell is very active on social media and loves to share her life with her fans whenever possible.

She first gained popularity with the R&B-inspired cover of Hall & Oates. The singer released her first song, Maneater, in December 2013. However, the young artist has gotten quite more confident with her music, releasing an album in 2017 titled 21st & Motley, and in 2021, Mango, and Tryst were released. Here is everything you need to know about the artist Grace Mitchell. 

1. She was Born in Australia

Grace Mitchell

Mitchell is an American singer born on August 5, 1997, in Australia. However, she moved to America before she was five, living in Portland, Oregon. The singer and songwriter spent most of her time in America but constantly traveled to Australia to spend time there because she enjoyed it.

 2. Grace Mitchell has a Unique Sound

Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell

Mitchell became popular quickly and, in 2013, was signed with Casablanca Records and moved to Los Angeles sometime later. Some fans may qualify her sound as more indie than mainstream pop music, which sets her apart from many artists who came up around that time. In 2014, she released her debut EP Design. Mitchell is constantly working on new music projects. When she isn’t singing or traveling, she mainly writes songs in the studio. 

According to an interview with Society 6, Mitchell is inspired by Radiohead and Spotify playlists when writing new music projects. Her most popular songs were covers before she released two EPs, Racedays and Design, which were successful in her fan base and exposed her to various music listeners in the country. As of 2023, Mitchell is still writing new music. In 2017, Mitchell released several singles like Capital Letters, Cali God, Bae, and French Becky. She went on to release more songs before joining a band.

3. She was Part of a Band

Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell

Mitchell recently joined a band, and they have been traveling to perform in various cities across America. The Melbourne-based band is called Emotion Picture and features three other male members. The band created music together and performed in several locations, with Mitchell as one of the lead singers. Unfortunately, as of February 2024, after a year of performing together, the band has split up and has decided to go their separate ways.

It seems like the band left on good terms, and maybe there could be a reunion soon. Although there were rumors that there could have been tensions and ego issues between the band members, fans hope that this isn’t the end for this unique band and the magical music they managed to create in such a short time. Most of their music is available on music streaming platforms like Spotify.

4. She Loves Sharing on Social Media

Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell

From her Instagram page, it’s clear that Mitchell loves sharing her life with fans on social media. Mitchell always takes her fans along in whatever she does, from outings with her boyfriend to traveling to Australia and preparing to perform with her former band. Seeing a more relaxed side of the artist made her more relatable to her loyal fans. She also shared more about her art process and how she writes and comes up with her mesmerizing music. Mitchell also has a fantastic sense of style that she highlights on her Instagram page for fans to enjoy.

5. Mitchell is in a Romantic Relationship

Grace MitchellGrace Mitchell

According to her Instagram page, Mitchell seems to be in a romantic relationship with musician Alex Hamilton. The musician and Mitchell spend much time together, traveling, exploring, and making new memories. One of the things they have in common is music seeing they are both musicians. In a post in January 2024, Mitchell described him as tender, kind, and loving despite his outward rough and biker demeanor. They are always hugging, holding hands, and smiling in their photos. She seems to have met the man of her dreams, and her fans support her relationship as long as she is happy. The couple was recently in Australia for the holidays and they looked happier than ever. Here are five actors you completely forgot were Australian.

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