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This article was originally published in September 2023 in coordination with the release of Welcome to Wrexham season two.

Fast forward over six months later, and Wrexham AFC has achieved promotion for the second consecutive season, which will see them competing in League One next year, the third tier in the English football pyramid.

Given Wrexham’s storybook journey through the National League and now to the top of League Two, we’re republishing this interview, where we discussed his journey from being a comedy writer on Mythic Quest to Rob and Ryan’s boots-on-the-ground in Wrexham, the moments that make him want to give up, how Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool may be responsible for all of this, and where he sees this journey ending.

Original article:

Humphrey Ker, the current Executive Director of Wrexham AFC — one of the fastest-growing football clubs in the world — loves his job. Even if it did come out of nowhere.

What are you doing right now? Not literally — but as a livelihood. What is your job? Are you a teacher? A banker? A plumber? Do you love your job? Hate it? Soak all of those feelings in. Now, imagine, in five years’ time, doing the exact opposite. Because that’s exactly what happened to Ker.

His career began in sketch comedy in the early 2000s when he co-founded the group The Penny Dreadfuls. For the next decade or so, Ker would do various comedic performances, both lived and filmed, before eventually landing on the AppleTV+ comedy Mythic Quest, which was co-created by his wife Megan Ganz and ultimately changed and led to the life he leads now.

These days, when he’s not paling around with the likes of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, Ker is in charge of the day-to-day operations of the pair’s famed football club, Wrexham.

Ker, however, isn’t a lifelong football executive — in fact, his experience with the sport prior to this gig was that of being a fan.

But when you happen to be the guy who introduced McElhenney to the sport that spurred him to buy a then 5th-division club in the heart of Wales, it perhaps should come as no surprise that before you know it, you’re the one running the team yourself.

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