GREMLINS: SECRETS OF THE MOGWAI Animated Series Unleashes Its First Trailer

One of the movies responsible for the creation of the PG-13 rating—too scary for PG but not graphic enough for R—is getting turned into an animated series. Joe Dante’s 1984 film Gremlins is getting a cartoon […]

Tom Brady admirer Veronika Rajek shows off killer abs in late night workout after revealing fitness secrets

Veronika Rajek hit the gym for a late night workout

VERONIKA Rajek hit the gym for a late night work out after revealing her fitness secrets to The U.S. Sun. The Slovakian model, 26, looked in incredible shape in her Instagram post while working out. […]

Jay-Z: Little Secrets and Unknown Facts about the Living Rap Legend


Shawn Corey Carter or better known as Jay-Z is one of the most dynamic rappers in the music industry who not reigned in the music scenes but also helps other emerging artists to grow even more. This […]

I’m a celebrity hairdresser and these are the secrets of my famous clients from Pamela Anderson to Britney Spears

Celebrity hairdresser Kim Vo owns a Los Angeles salon where he tends to his A-list clients

HE’S the hairdresser to the stars, styling the locks of Hollywood’s best-known blondes from Gwyneth Paltrow to Britney Spears. And in new TV series Blowing LA, Los Angeles salon owner Kim Vo reveals that sometimes […]

Wakanda Forever Producer Says, “…We Have 50 Plus Years Of Material” Spilling Secrets On Developing Marvel Characters & Its Future Plans

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Producer Gives A Sneak Peek Into How Marvel Chooses New Characters

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Producer Reveals How They Choose Marvel Characters(Pic Credit: Poster) The recently released Marvel film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has been receiving positive reviews from audiences around the world. While the fans […]

Rings of Power season 1 explained some secrets, but didn’t tell a story

The Dweller, one of three sorcerers who are disciples of Sauron, cloaked in a grimy white robe wielding a staff adorned with the Eye of Sauron in an attack pose.

When George Lucas, that saucy minx, decided in April 1981 to make the smallest of tweaks to his massive hit film Star Wars, he inadvertently lit a fuse that would burn into a raging culture […]

Kavita Channe in Bathing Suit Reveals All Her Stay-Fit Secrets — Celebwell

Kavita Channe in Bathing Suit Reveals All Her Stay-Fit Secrets — Celebwell

Kavita Channe clearly knows a thing or two about health and wellness! The television host, influencer, and entrepreneur recently shared a photo of herself in a swimsuit, looking incredibly fit and healthy. CelebWell recently spoke […]