‘Claim to Fame’ Contestants Reveal They’re Dating After Being Eliminated | Claim to Fame, Newsies | Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip

'Claim to Fame' Contestants Reveal They're Dating After Being Eliminated

Mon, 07 August 2023 at 11:48 pm See which two contestants from Claim to Fame season two are now a couple in real life – Just Jared Jr Hailee Steinfeld was spotted on vacation in […]

AGT slammed for ‘incredibly dangerous’ act without safety net just 1 year after contestant’s accident left him paralyzed

America's Got Talent saw an incredibly impressive acrobatic act take the stage, but fans worried that the serious risk of the performance was a step too far

CONCERNED viewers have criticized America’s Got Talent for its inclusion of a very risky performance. The Ramadhani Brothers auditioned in the second week of season 18 of America’s Got Talent, but fans voiced their worry for the […]

‘American Idol’ 2023: Top 5 Contestants Revealed, Three Eliminated on May 7 Episode | American Idol, EG, Extended, Slideshow : Just Jared

'American Idol' 2023: Top 5 Contestants Revealed, Three Eliminated on May 7 Episode

Sun, 07 May 2023 at 10:09 pm Continue Here » We’re already down to the final five contestants on season 21 of American Idol. During the live episode that aired on Sunday (May 7), the […]

Katy Perry tricks ‘Idol’ contestants: ‘Psychological warfare’

Katy Perry once again angered several "American Idol" fans on social media Sunday for tricking two contestants into believing that they had been eliminated from the show before telling them they were moving on to the next round.

Fans are getting tired of Katy Perry being “Hot N Cold.” The outspoken “American Idol” judge once again whipped viewers into a social media frenzy during Sunday’s episode, tricking teary-eyed young singers into believing they […]

The 6 Most Controversial “Jeopardy!” Contestants of All Time

yogesh raut on jeopardy

As one of the longest-running game shows in television history, Jeopardy! has had a staggering number of contestants—almost 60 years’ worth, to be exact. With so many different vibes and approaches among them, it’s not surprising that […]

Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings shuts down contestant’s response in awkward on-stage moment before Matthew Marcus’ 2nd win

Ken Jennings handled a contestant's response to this clue in a confusing way

KEN Jennings caused an awkward scene on Friday’s Jeopardy! episode when he ruled a player incorrect, correct, and then incorrect again. Ongoing champ Matthew Marcus claimed on Reddit he was “locked out” from responding instead […]

Inside Jeopardy! contestants who beat super-champions only to lose one game later

The contestant who beat Cris Pannullo lost one game later

JEOPARDY! fans were floored when 21-time winner Cris Pannullo lost on Monday’s episode to newcomer Andy Tirrell in a shocking upset. But Andy – who lost one game later – is far from the first […]

GMA’s Sam Champion shares update in new video following DWTS contestant’s ‘brutal injury’

Sam Champion shared he was 'feeling much better'

GOOD Morning America star Sam Champion updated his health status after sharing his struggles on Dancing With The Stars. Sam, 61, shared his Los Angeles getaway in an Instagram video.  5 Sam Champion shared he was ‘feeling […]

Press Your Luck fans shocked as contestants miss ‘easy’ multiple-choice question and give ‘really dumb’ answer

Press Your Luck fans were stunned that an 'easy' question that was met with silence

PRESS Your Luck contestants missed an “easy” question and chose a “really dumb” answer, game show fans fumed after Thursday’s episode. Host Elizabeth Banks seemed equally stunned by the treacherous TV moment. 5 Press Your […]

The Bachelorette Recap Season 19, Episode 4: Contestant’s Despicably Selfish Move

The Bachelorette Recap Season 19, Episode 4: Contestant's Despicably Selfish Move

Rachel Recchia continues to struggle emotionally after getting rejected by three guys at last week’s Rose Ceremony — but things are about to get a whole lot worse! We are getting two entirely different “Bachelorette” […]