Retirees have eaten at 500 Texas Roadhouse’ and they want to hit them all

Texas Roadhouse couple

A couple from West Virginia have gone viral after setting themselves a very unique mission, which involves visiting every single Texas Roadhouse location. 

Mike and Judy McNamara say they first fell in love with Texas Roadhouse way back in 2003, and after they both retired, Mike decided to go through all of their credit card statements to figure out every location they’ve ever visited. 

At the time, they’d only managed 37 locations, but they enjoyed dining out so much at the chain that they decided to tackle the rest. 

This means that for every two months in the year, the Roadhouse patrons take a road trip in their camper, and make sure to check off more on their list. 

So far, they’ve travelled to a whopping 437 out of the 600 + locations.

The couple have become something of a celebrity couple among staff.

Mike claimed that they drive approximately 25,000 miles per year to visit new Roadhouses, and they plan to make it past the 500 bracket in 2025. 

“It’ll probably get harder after that because they’re farther away from home every time now,” he commented on their adventures. 

The reason why the couple are so addicted to Texas Roadhouse isn’t because of the food, but because of the staff.

“It’s more like home cooking to us. And as time has gone by, it’s not just the food. It’s also the people who work at the restaurants. They are a very big family of employees.”

This couple aren’t the only ones who are proud to show their love for fast food chains. Back in March, a McDonald’s Big Mac record holder broke another milestone at age 70. 

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