I’m 6ft 8 and my boyfriend is 5ft 6 – mean trolls say I look like a man, but they’re just jealous

Angel towers over her boyfriend

A WOMAN who is 6ft 8 has left people in shock after revealing the height difference between her and her short boyfriend.

Angel Fernandez has racked up 1.2 million fans on Instagram, by showing off her tall stature.


Angel towers over her boyfriendCredit: Instagram
Many people praised the couple


Many people praised the coupleCredit: Instagram

The model is well over a foot taller than the UK average height for a woman, which is just 5ft 3.

In a recent video, Angel revealed that her partner is just 5ft 6.

This makes him slightly shorter than the UK average height for a man, which is 5ft 9.

In the clip, Angel can be seen dancing in a crop top, and denim shorts, whilst wearing strappy silver heels.

Standing next to her, is her boyfriend, who only comes up to her chest.

“Me trying to distract him from the fact that I’m 6ft 8 and double his size”, she said

Captioning the post, she also asked: “Would you date a girl that has her hips wider than your shoulders?”

In another video, Angel showed off her height even more, by posing with a friend.

Despite the friend being 5ft 8 (well above the UK average) she is dwarfed by her friend, who almost looks like her child.

‘I’m 6ft 7 – men love me and want me to crush them’

“I’m double the height of any average girl”, she said.

The video of Angel (@angelfernandezz) showing off her man has racked up over 234,000 views on the social media platform.

Many people agreed with Angel that her height shouldn’t matter.

One person said: “You ain’t gotta distract him from a goddamn thing. Look at that man’s face he’s in heaven.”

Another person said said: “I’m 6’4 and my man 5’0, hell yes to the short kings”.

A third added: “I’m 6’1, tall girls for the win”.

Celebrity Woman Taller Than Their Partners

  • Zendaya 5’10” – Tom Holland 5’8″
  • Cameron Diaz 5’9″ – Benji Madden 5’6″
  • Eniko parrish 5’7″ – Kevin Hart 5’4″
  • Gwendoline Christie 6’3″ – Giles Deacon 6′
  • Tina Fey 5’5″ – Jeff Richmond 5’2″

A fourth chimed in: “I’d never leave”

However, some mean trolls have slated Angel, stating that they think she looks like a man.

The model shared an image of some of the hate comments she has received, including one person who said: “You look and are built literally like a man”.

Another person said: “All I see is a man in women’s clothing”.

Other people were convinced that the video is photoshopped and that the couple’s height difference is fake.

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