General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison Talks Cancer Recovery, Shirtless Scenes and Game Show Hosting Gig

General Hospital’s Cameron Mathison Talks Cancer Recovery, Shirtless Scenes and Game Show Hosting Gig

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Cameron Mathison (Drew Cain) has a lot to celebrate since he’s in good health and can juggle multiple jobs that highlight his talents – including his latest gig as a game show host on GSN’s Beat the Bridge.

However, Mathison has overcome some challenges to reach this point since he was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2019.

In a new interview with ET, Mathison addressed his cancer recovery and a life-saving decision.

At the time, Mathison could tell something felt off, so he pushed for an MRI and found out what he was up against early on.

That led to faster treatment, so Mathison feels confident that paying attention to his body made all the difference.

Mathison insisted that being his own advocate for his health saved his life, so he continues to do that and advised others to do the same.

It’s all about listening to what your body’s telling you and staying on top of the situation.

Thankfully, Mathison is feeling amazing these days and is clearly in great shape based on his physique.

GH fans have certainly noticed since the show likes to parade shirtless Drew around pretty frequently!

Since Mathison played Ryan Lavery on All My Children from 1998 to 2011, he was asked if love scenes had changed since then.

“I’ll tell you what hasn’t changed is me taking my shirt off!” Mathison joked.

The AMC alum and current GH star expressed surprise that his scripts were still calling for it decades later.

Of course, there are plenty of viewers who welcome those shirtless scenes and enjoy the eye candy.

Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) has definitely been ogling Drew’s body and often can’t stop herself from pouncing on him behind closed doors.

As for Cameron Mathison’s job hosting Beat the Bridge on Game Show Network, that requires a suit and tie.

Mathison opened up about the game show gig being ideal for him since he’s got so much energy and enthusiasm.

“For me, it’s something that I’ve wanted to do…I’m a pretty positive guy. And I just thought it would be a good fit – and it really was,” Mathison said.

As for what’s next in Port Charles, our predictions hint that Drew will continue to do a delicate dance with Nina, so stick with us for updates on any curveballs that might be looming.

General Hospital spoilers say Drew could get tangled up in some new messes with Nina, so stay tuned for all the shocking news ahead.

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