Days of Our Lives Spoilers: AnnaLynne McCord’s First Airdate Revealed – Abigail Mystery Begins to Unravel

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: AnnaLynne McCord’s First Airdate Revealed, Abigail Mystery Begins to Unravel

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal that AnnaLynne McCord’s set to make her DOOL debut soon, so let’s talk about some new details. For starters, Days fans can expect McCord to make her first appearance on Wednesday, June 19. spoke with McCord about her character and the wild storyline that she’s being dropped into.

McCord confirmed that Clyde Weston (James Read) is tangled up in the mess and that she initially debuts as a mystery woman.

Of course, there’s been plenty of speculation and insider buzz about McCord playing an Abigail DiMera (previously played by Marci Miller) recast, but is she the real deal? The answer may not be quite so simple!

McCord confessed that things were “very ambiguous” early on and that nobody could say with certainty who she’d be playing.

There was some confusion behind the scenes following all the writers’ strike drama, so McCord suggested they had to make sense of the situation as they went along.

However, the show has revealed a few crucial clues so far. According to Clyde, there’s a safe deposit box in Chicago containing proof that Abigail is alive.

Days spoilers say Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Julie Williams (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will make a stunning discovery once they investigate.

That discovery will come on June 19 as well, so it’s happening the same day of AnnaLynne McCord’s debut.

Clyde is adamant that Abigail somehow survived her seemingly fatal wounds, so Days writers will have some explaining to do if that’s true.

In the meantime, Chad will have to wonder if this version of Abigail is the real one.

DOOL already offered a hint when Chad told Julie that they’d soon know without a shadow of a doubt if “our Abby” was actually alive.

Instead, Chad presumably won’t be certain if this is the Abby they know and love or some kind of trick Clyde is pulling.

From the sound of things, viewers won’t know for sure right away either!

Our predictions point to some major Abigail excitement no matter how all this plays out, so we’ll bring you updates on any other news related to McCord’s role.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say AnnaLynne McCord will no doubt make a big splash right away, so stay tuned.

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