Celebrate Dad The Right Way BOSSIP’s Father Day Gift Guide

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The Dad’s Day holiday is around the corner and BOSSIP’s Father’s Day Gift Guide can help you lavish your paternal papi with gifts.

There’s only one day out of the year decided to Father’s and shopping for them can be stressful. Some men have no self-control and buy themselves everything they want while others don’t like gifts at all. Luckily for you loyal reader, we’re always here to help.

Our 2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide includes electronics, home goods, and grooming.

Check out the list below!

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Domestic Electric Coolers

Help Dad bring his refrigerator on the go with no headaches. From cooking to keeping food and drinks fresh, this is a perfect outdoor companion. With a wide range of temperatures, the possibilities are endless.


Source: Dometic / Dometic

Maxwell Ear Hooks

Let’s be honest some of us have ears that aren’t made for the type of Bluetooth earbuds most people use. However, we still want a solution that has great sound and performance. Maxwell is the perfect solution for comfort and quality.

Maxwell Earhooks

Source: Maxwell / Maxwell

Ledge Loungers

Spruce up Pop’s outdoor living with Ledge Longers and outdoor furniture. If it’s one thing we all love it’s relaxing so why not be as comfortable as possible when doing so?

ledge loungers

Source: Ledge Loungers / Ledge Loungers

Lumineux Oral Essentials

Some men are simple and just want necessities for gifts on Father’s Day and for a dad who wants a pearly white smile, Lumineux is the best option. This brand has 4.3 stars on Amazon and over 5,000 reviews.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Gaming is one of everyone’s favorite pastimes and the new Nintendo OLED model can expand a gamer’s skills or reconnect former gamers with a lost love.

Air Up Next Generation Water Bottle

If you’re shopping for someone who loves drinking water or struggles with the task, Air Up is the solution. As a bonus, they can add flavor pods so that Air Up becomes a water bottle and a beverage.

Quiet Mind, The Weighted Pillow

There’s always talk about weighted blankets and how much they help you’re sleeping patterns, but what about pillows? Quiet Mind has perfected the pillow game with a weighted pillow that’ll help you get to a deep sleep quicker. Warning, it’s the gift you give and then want for yourself.

Father's Day - Quiet Mind Pillows

Source: Quiet Mind / Quiet Mind

Color Your Own Travel Journal

Did you go all out and book a trip for Father’s Day? Now you can make it even more special with a Color Your Own Travel Journal. Journals are available for several destinations including London, NYC, Tokyo, and more.

Vineyard Premier Wine Club

If Pop loves wine do him a favor and get him a membership to the Vineyard Premier win club. There are no shipping fees, there are discounts for auto-ship, and the best part is it’s only $99 a year.

Father's Day - Vineyard Premier wine club

Source: Vineyard Premier / Vineyard Premier

Sperry 3-Eye Vibram Boat Shoe

A man who loves the outdoors and water could always go for a new pair of Sperry’s.

Sailor Jerry BBQ Sauce

If grilling is in most of your summer plans there is one hot sauce above the rest to add to your Summer 2024 plans. Sailor Jerry BBQ is deliciously tasty and pairs perfectly with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum.

Axe Body Spray

Source: AXE / AXE

AXE Body Products

At the very least you can grab the special man in your life an AXE deodorant stick or body spray for Father’s Day.

Axe Body Spray

Source: AXE / AXE

PAPATUI | The Big Papa Bundle

If you want to grab dad some skin care thats stylish and elevate his grooming game, Papatui’s Big Papa Bundle is perfect. Papatui was founded by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and aims to provide clean luxury, and eco-friendly, grooming solutions. The premium gift box includes facial cleanser’s moisturizer, toner, eye gel, body wash, soap, deodorant, and much more. If you want to gift Paptui but not the entire bundle you can put together your own bundle at Target.

PAPATUI Big Papa Bundle

Source: PAPATUI / Papatui

MomCozy Baby Products

Momcozy offers an amazing life of products fit for every parent, single dads included. The KleanPal Bottle Washer is a great idea for Dad

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