Vin Diesel Invites Vladimir Putin To The Caribbean For Dinner

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Vin Diesel, given his limited acting abilities, has always been known for his unique way with words, and his recent Father’s Day message is no different.

In a since-edited Instagram post, the Fast & Furious franchise star rambled about location scouting for a new Riddick movie, concept art for the next Fast X movie, warships, and having dinner in the Caribbean with Vladimir Putin.

“Happy Father’s Day to you all… while location s outing [sic] in Europe for Riddick, the concept art from Fast X part 2 keeps pouring in… wait until you see the American road trip. Haha,” Diesel posted alongside a photo of the mentioned Fast X Part 2 concept art.

“On a side note… I saw warships off my country’s shores. Hmmm. I’m not the Tucker type….” he wrote. “As a father my kids live in that country. Hmmm. Putin, I will fly to the Caribbean. Come have dinner. Let’s not let foolishness dictate the future. #happyfathersday.”

Unfortunately, Diesel has since edited the caption of the post to be a bit more coherent, fixing his typos and cutting out the Putin ranting by ending the sentence at “Haha”.

This actually isn’t the first time that Diesel has attempted to communicate with Vladimir Putin through Instagram, as he once famously demanded that Britney Griner be released from Russian prison and “home by Christmas.” Griner was freed from Russia 10 days later.

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Fast X : Part 2, which will see The Rock return to the franchise despite years of beef between him and Diesel, will hit theaters in the summer of 2026.

Other than the Fast & Furious franchise, Diesel has spent recent years voicing Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He also starred in the 2020 critical and box office bomb Bloodshot, which was released in theaters in March of that year.

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