Luann de Lesseps in Bathing Suit Asks “Ready for St. Barts?” — Celebwell

Luann de Lesseps in Bathing Suit Asks "Ready for St. Barts?" — Celebwell

Luann De Lesseps is one of the most legendary reality stars of all-time. She’s best known for her time on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York and Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. From there, she launched a music career and a cabaret show. She shared a photo on Instagram from her Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip  to St. Barts this week. In it, she wore a black swimsuit and waded in the ocean. She captioned the post, “Ready for St. Barts!?” How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Luann de Lesseps stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

De Lesseps shares a bunch of her favorite workouts on Instagram. One thing she likes to do to stay in shape is run on the treadmill. She shared this running video on her account, captioning it, “Money can’t buy you abs. Working out and staying healthy!” Healthy Talbot states that using a treadmill has a lot of benefits. “Treadmill workouts engage different muscle groups in your body. Apart from leg muscles, lumbar and abdominal muscles will be engaged while training. In other words, treadmill training will tone your stomach as well.”

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De Lesseps revealed some of her favorite exercises to Life & Style. She says that she does a variety of things to keep herself in shape. “I do weights for the arms because I have to wear these dresses that are sleeveless, and then the legs and then the tummy so I have my routine that I do. Then I do yoga. I have a gym in my apartment—it’s fabulous and overlooks Central Park. It’s gorgeous, and I’m busy, so I think that also helps keep you in shape when you’re running around. I go hiking upstate in my house.” 

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De Lesseps shared her diet in an interview with People. She says that she makes sure to eat healthy. “I think working out is a really important part of anyone’s daily beauty routine and drinking enough water to hydrate the skin. Remember to drink 20 min before & 20 min after meals. I use Dr. Daryl Gioffre’s mineral & green juices every morning and stick to a protein-based, Mediterranean diet.”

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De Lesseps has amazing skin and she makes sure to take care of it. She shared some of her favorite tips and products in her People interview. She says that she likes to use products that don’t affect her skin’s natural qualities too much. “I start with my soothing cleansing cream,” she says. “It doesn’t strip your face of natural oils or dry it out. Especially with summer right now, that’s the last thing we need!”

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De Lesseps isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. She did so against her castmates on RHONY. De Lesseps also stands up for herself against critics on social media. After a bikini post received a lot of criticism, De Lesseps hit back. She told Page Six, “People should be able to do and wear what they want. I had to clap back to that because I just found it so irritating … Women should not be shaming each other.”

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