Goodbye June Share Music Video For New Song, ‘Pile of Bones’

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A few weeks after joining Chuck Armstrong on Loudwire Nights to celebrate their upcoming record, Deep In the Trouble, Goodbye June have given fans another taste of what to expect — this time with the incredibly heavy track, “Pile of Bones,” and its accompanying music video.

As one of the frames describes in the opening of the video, “This is a song about grief.”

“Pile of Bones” is much more than a song about grief, though; it’s deeply personal for Goodbye June.

Tyler Baker, Landon Milbourn and Brandon Qualkenbush — bandmates and cousins — all experienced unexpected and tragic loss that led to “Pile of Bones.”

That loss is explained clearly near the opening of the music video, following some chilling clips from local newscasts:

On Jan 22nd, 2024, Tyler’s dad — Brandon and Landon’s uncle — David Baker, passed away in a house explosion caused by a gas leak in Jasper, Indiana.

As if that wasn’t enough to make the song and video powerful and cathartic, the band confronted their grief in an unthinkable way: They filmed the music video in the middle of the ruins of that house explosion — a house that they had spent days upon days dreaming about the future of Goodbye June.

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The band lovingly refers to David Baker as “Goodbye June’s biggest fan.”

In their own attempt to find catharsis through the filming and release of “Pile of Bones,” Goodbye June have invited fans to connect with them on a deep level; through the confrontation of tragedy, there can be found glimpses of hope.

Goodbye June’s new album, Deep In the Trouble, is out on June 28.

Watch Goodbye June’s Official Music Video For “Pile of Bones”

Goodbye June, “Pile of Bones” Lyrics

Deep in the desert
A passage of time
Deep in the trouble
That I’m sure I will find
A deeper connection for a deeper mistake
Hold onto me baby
This could be love
Or I could break
I could break

It’s lonely on this pile of bones
I built it for myself

Moment to moment
Searching for years
A love stained note
That I wrote for you dear
It’s hard in the city, and it’s hard on the land
The graveyard is full
I can barely stand

I’m miles above whats left of love
And everyone else is full of themselves
I’m miles above on this pile of bones

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